Weekend Recap: 3 Days, 3 Games…Sort of!!

Being that I am the only writer on this site, weekends are hard for me to keep up with so Monday Mornings are my time to review the weekend that was and this weekend was certainly a wild weekend for the Devils.

Friday night: The Lightning were really giving the Devils are rough time and weren’t allowed to let the Devils sweep the season series when all of the sudden…

No one could fix the lights issue so the game would be postponed.

Saturday Night: The Devils travel to Montreal and I thought both teams played a really good game, hard fought and didn’t make a ton of mistakes. The OT period was certainly something to enjoy and sometimes your team gets a little lucky. With just over 2;30 to go in the OT, Parise is forced to go get a new stick from the bench which just happens to put him at center ice by himself and Zajac gets the puck to him and he scores on a pretty nifty backhand. Doc’s call was on for the ages…

Sunday Evening: Time to finish the Lightning game but a 3-0 hole is too big a hole to climb out of with the time remaining. Credit NJ for making a game of it but lost 4-2 in the end.

Rangers up next, tomorrow night to be exact.

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