Week 11 – Player Ups and Downs

M. Brodeur – Didn’t have a great game against the Panthers, looked pretty good against the Flyers and didn’t get much work against the Canadiens but went 2-1 this week so you have to give him credit on that. He had a .905 save % this week which would have been higher had he not been beaten 4 times against Florida.

R. Pelley – Picked up an assist against Montreal. He’s averaging between 7 and 10 mins of ice time a game. Not bad
T. Zajac –  Had 2 assists vs Philly but the goals have stopped. Hope he finds the scoring touch again soon.
P. Elias – 3 goals and 1 assist this week including the GWG against the Canadiens. I ask you this, who in the history of the Devils has been more clutch than #26? Maybe Claude..
Z. Parise – Can’t seem to find the back of the net and having trouble finding the scoresheet at all this week. Hope the drought ends soon.
N. Bergfors – 2 goals against the Flyers.
J. Langenbrunner – One assist in the loss to Florida and one really bone-headed play at the point during a power play. Sorry Jamie, you didn’t have a good week.
B. Rolston – Slowly Rolston is creeping off the naughty list. He seems to be doing the right things out there. Tape to tape pass to Elias on a 2 on 1 instead of shooting it, throwing it low off the goalie so Elias can play it, etc. Rolston is either waking up or Elias is just making him look good.
R. Niedermayer – He didn’t do much for me this week but he didn’t kill anyone either.
J. Pandolfo – Been playing with Brother Nieds and both leave the same impression this week.
I Pikkarainen – 1st NHL goal (flukey as f*ck)… welcome the to the NHL Goal Scorers Scoresheet. Sometimes getting #1 opens the flood gates..Lets just hope!!
V. Zharkov – I like this kid, he comes to play every night. As a friend said, he reminds me of Elias when he first came up. Doing everything well but just not finding the net. It will come, look at Elias now!!
D. McAmmond – I like Dean, I think he’s help make it look like NJ actually has a 4th line. I worry about the playoffs with him but in the Regular Season i like him.

I thought this week I would adress the Defense as a whole instead of player by player. I haven’t felt great about the Defense for some time but this week they just seemed disinterested. They are playing disciplined and staying out of the box but that is Lemaire’s style, so I credit him with that. Oduya hasn’t done much of anything this season but especially since coming back. I certainly hope Martin changes some things whenever he returns but the way that the D is just coasting through games, I would love to see the kids like Correntte and Eckford get some ice time.

So D guys, lets pick up a little bit out there because this week you’re rating is a combined YELLOW!!

Player of the week – Patrik Elias with his 3 goals and 1 assist and a heads up play that lead to a GWG against the Canadiens.

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