SCF Game 2: Devils Looking To Curb Kings and Mistakes

Game 1 ended up being a much different game than I was expecting and no I am not talking about the ending. In the end it came down to a mistake that cost us the game but don’t think that was the only mistake because it wasn’t. It was just the mistake that overshadowed all the other mistakes because it ended the game.

The Kings played typical road hockey where it seemed like they would just sit back, wait for the home team to make a mistake and capitalize on that mistake. The first goal was text book fore-checking and the OT winner was the classic “you just made a huge mistake and I am not going to let that opportunity slip away.”

The Devils have a lot of room for improvement in Game 2 and let’s hope we see that improvement. Things that need to be addressed:

  • Puck movement – When is the last time we saw NJ struggle with moving the puck, especially through the neutral zone?
  • Stop being cute with the puck – These aren’t the shot blocking Rangers we faced in the last round so there is no need to try and get cute with the puck. Put the puck on net, the more Quick faces, the more likely one is going to find the back of the net. We put up 15 shots in regulation including a whopping 3 in the second period. Remember when Philly couldn’t beat us because we didn’t allow them to get shots on net?
  • I’ve watched the Kopitar goal over and over and I still can’t understand what Zidlicky was even doing on the play, besides taking himself out of the play. Defensive breakdowns like that can’t happen in the Stanley Cup Finals.

I would expect New Jersey to come out much better in Game 2 and I can honestly say I don’t know what to expect of LA. Was the game they played in Game 1 a clear picture of how they play hockey? If it is, I wasn’t that impressed. Like I said, it was mostly sitting back waiting for NJ to make a mistake. If this wasn’t their normal kind of game, should we expect that to show up in Game 2?

I wouldn’t say that Game 1 was the worst performance we’ve seen out of the Devils this post-season but it is certainly close. Give Marty credit, he kept us in the game. When you have a guy like Kopitar skating in all alone with so time and space that he can make 3 different deke moves, there really is no chance to stop him.

Back to Zidlicky for a moment – I’m not really sure what’s wrong with this guy. He was lights out in the first two series and then looked shakey against NY. I think I would take the games he had against NY over what I saw on Wednesday night. His heavy point shot is the only thing keeping me from calling for Larsson over him in the lineup at the moment.

Do me a favor, if you are going to the game… YELL!!!! I’ve seen more noise and commotion at a funeral. There weren’t a lot of chants going on and the crowd was a non-factor. It can’t be, it has to pump energy into the team when they need it. Take a cue from the Rangers fans.. BE OBNOXIOUS otherwise, LA is just going to continue their road streak.

And finally…

CBC is at it again with their openings before each game of the Finals. This was the opening to Game 1 and while last year’s opening was much better in my opinion but it’s hard to criticize anything with the Devils in it…


And then one more thing… Scott Burnside, the ultimate Devils hater can’t even do his homework and find out how to pronounce Adam Henrique’s last name before interviewing him prior to Game 1. Tell me again why ESPN even tries when it comes to Hockey? Burnside sucks and is like the biggest douchebag in hockey (expect maybe for Ecklund) and you got this other Katie Strang who supposed to write for all NY area hockey teams but never really covered NJ all season until they knocked off her precious Rangers.

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