GameDay 26: Lightning Visit The Rock

The Devils get back at it tonight when they host the Tampa Bay Lightning. To say the Devils looked horrid in their last game would be generous.

The Matchup – The New Jersey Devils (17-7-1) vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning (10-8-8). This is the third meeting of the season and the Devils won both of the previous games were won in shootouts.

The Last Devils Game– I was afraid that the Devils would give the Canucks far too many opportunities to put the puck in the back of the net and that they did. The Devils got in a huge hole early, started to make a game of it and then got the door slammed in their face in the third.

The Last Lightning Game– Tampa Bay went up to Boston and got massacred 4-1. The reviews of that game were quite similar to the review of the Canuck/Devils game.

Tonight’s Matchup– Both The Devils and the Lightning are going to be looking to make a statement in this game. Both teams are coming of very bad losses and need to bounce back. The Devils can make their fans feel much better about losing to the Canucks in the fashion that they did if they stick it to the Lightning tonight. Tampa Bay has one of the worst PK’s in the league and the Devils must have huge success with the penalties they draw.

I know I personally won’t be happy with another shootout win. Tampa Bay is a team that is playing much better this season than I thought they would be but they don’t play consistently enough for me to call a playoff calibre team. To me, this is a team that should take a beating. The last thing I want to do is limp into a matchup with the Red Wings tomorrow night.

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