Game32: Devils Escape Canadiens


This is one of those game where at the end of it, I sit there, scratching my head and saying WHAT!!?? This was a very sloppy game on the part of the Devils. The power play was disgusting all night. The Devils did a terrible job at covering the points and keeping the puck in the zone during the power plays. The Devils had 5 chances on the power play, one being cut short due to a hooking call on Nidermayer and I think 3 shots total found their way to the net. To make matters worse, the Devils gave up a shorthanded goal due to an absolute breakdown by Langenbrunner. I’m not sure what he was doing but I expect more from a guy wearing a “C”.

Montreal tried their best to give this game to NJ, which they eventually did. The obviously were set on playing a trapping game and were very poor at doing so. The Canadiens gave NJ too many chances on the power play, although as I mentioned, the Devils did nothing with those chances.

Pikkarainen did manage to tie the game at 1 on a very flukey goal that went off Price’s glove (which I think the puck would have sailed over the net anyway), off the post, off the skate of Price and into the net. I thought McAmmond did an awesome job staying onsides during the play because he appeared way ahead of the puck but did a nice toe drag to stay onsides.

It appeared to me that neither team really wanted to win this game but with a few minutes left in the third, the Canadiens made a costly mistake. Rolston carried the puck into the zone and Tomas Plekanec made an attempt to swipe the puck away which allowed Elias to get behind him and bang home Rolston’s rebound.

It’s not to often that you can put in a lackluster performance and skate away with 2 points. I hope Lemaire kicks some butt in practice this week and a much more energized team shows up tomorrow night against the Senators.

I will agree with the decision on the 3 stars of the game although Pikkarainen’s goal was so lucky, I’m not sure star #2 doesn’t belong to Rolston for his heads up play seeing that Elias was going to make a play on any rebound and shot it low on purpose.

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