Game 39: Devils Lose…BADLY!!

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This recap was written by our friend Dana Williams. He did another bang up job..too bad the Devils couldn’t step up like he did tonight!!

I was not expecting a win tonight, I just wanted the Devils to stop embarrassing themselves with shoddy defense and anemic offense.  Is asking for consistency too much?  I dont want to settle for mediocrity, I really dont. I want to see the play-offs one last time before we hand Marty his life-time box-seat tickets, hang his number from the rafters, and go about finding his replacement.
We arent halfway though the season yet, and yes the Devils sit currently in 7th, but again we arent halfway through the season yet. I dont want to be all doom and gloom, but luck and capitalizing on other teams bad days will only get you so far.

Shortly into the first Boston coughs up a penalty and the Devils ACTUALLY capitalize. From the get-go we are playing harder and looking a little better then we did against the Sens on Monday. A lot of pressure on the offensive end of the ice, a lot of shooting and taking the shot chances that we are given. 
If my recap were to end here it might be considered positive, but the game I am currently watching has very little positive about it.

The league leading PK team is out on the ice and Boston goes up 2-1.
I find it amazing that the PK team is so effective and our PP unit can almost give up their 13th of the season. Wait, I recant that last statement. They DO give up their 13th, but it wont be credited because the PP expired just 2 seconds prior. Really? I am so tired of seeing teams score on OUR PowerPlay. When we are supposed to have the advantage. How does that happen?

At the end of the second, for a brief few minutes, the Devils are storming the Boston zone, firing pucks at the net again.  Making Tim Thomas work for his pay check. Like I said, BRIEF. The numbers lie, though, Boston only having 20 SOG while Jersey has 23. Boston has swarmed the Devil zone during the middle frame. Picking up only one goal but making the defense work hard, very hard.

A three goal defect at the beginning of the third. Now four goals. This is so pathetic to watch. Like a fish flopping around on the beach gasping for air before it dies. I am usually upbeat and positive about how they are playing, but this is just awful. No hustle, lackluster checking, constantly on their heels. Pathetic. It feels like they are playing the start of the year they way they left the end of 2010. Just a mess on the ice. DeBoer has got to get a handle on this. He is a good coach, obviously far more effective then he-who-should-not-be-named, but something is missing if we cannot play with the big dogs, and the little ankle biters give us a good run. Now five goals. Can we PLEASE, please, put Moose in?  Not that he would fair better then Marty, but I think they are in his head now. As Darren said “I just hope this isn’t the night that the Bruins decided to put 6 or 7 pucks in the back of the net. They certainly have that ability. Not only can they score lots of goals, they’ll have no qualms about beating the living crap out of you while doing so.”  Well sorry Darren, tonight IS that night. The only consolation is that we drew first blood, but that just woke up the bear.

Over all, poorly played against a team that at any moment could fire a puck and land it on target behind the goalie. Again the Devils got steam-rolled and really showed no control or drive to fight for the win. For me, the most exciting part of the game was the ‘fight’ that Cam Jannsen got into. Let me reitterate my statement earlier. It was like watching a fish gasping for breath, flopping around on the beach, dying. The water was just a few feet away, but no way to get there.

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Darren is a long time fan of the New Jersey Devils and had been covering the New Jersey Devils for various websites before starting up Running With The Devils in the fall of 2009.