Game 27 Recap: Devils Drop Third Straight


The Penguins beat the Devils by a score of 2-1, overcoming an early 1-0 deficit. Once again, Devils fans are a little frustrated at what we saw on the ice.

I’ll be honest, I was afraid that a team playing like the Penguins have been playing lately would run the Devils out of the building early so losing 2-1 isn’t so bad, is it? I mean at least the Devils were in the game for most of it but at the end of the day its still a lose. This team continues to frustrate and for some reason, fail at putting any kind of offense together.

Could the Devils have won last night? Maybe but their lack of discipline really hurt any chances of finding momentum last night. The good thing in the undisciplined play was that the PK Units kept the Pens from scoring on all the PP chances they got but it kept NJ from finding any kinf of rythmn all night.

For some reason the Devils offense just fails to do anything. It seemed like players had their moments last night, but as far as chances from one guy, none of the Devils really stand out in my mind.

I know this was a 2-1 loss against the hottest team in the league and some teams would take that and build on it but the Devils season is getting away from them quickly. It’s December, they needed to come out strong this month if they wanted to turn it around and so far they are 0-3.

After the game, Devils captain Jamie Langenbrunner said that he believes general manager Lou Lamoriello will make a change with the struggling team, but stated strongly that it should be the players and not head coach John MacLean. I could not agree MORE and later today, I will put together my list of guys that need to go.

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