Game 14: Caps End Devils Streak

This was a recap I received via email but I don’t know who sent it. I the owner wants to contact me via email I would appreciate that.

 The Devils may have lost, but they didn’t go down with out a fight. The actual score only tells part of the story, for those who did not get a chance to watch the game, be proud of your Devils. They fought hard against one of the true regular season power houses and only really ‘gave up’ one goal. The other two, in this writers opinion, were dumb luck. T

he Devils held the Caps scoreless to late in the second when the puck bounced off of Ovechkins leg and dropped right in front of him, and he was able to sling it past Brodeur from about two feet. The second goal came short handed. Why? WHY? did we call for a line change when they have the puck on a break away? This set up a one on one, and those rarely end well for the goalie. Two devils on their way to the bench had an opportunity to cut off the puck in the neutral zone, but they went to the bench instead.

 The nail in the coffin was Brodeur way out of the crease and the caps basically had an empty net. I saw no reason for him to be that far out of the pipes. His reaction was phenomenal though, IF he was where he should have been, the puck would have been brick walled. Instead he was about 4 feet from the goal, and its not hard to get past a goalie who isn’t there. That’s the scoring summary, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. We drew first blood with a beautiful top shelf that had to fly through traffic. We were actually shooting the puck, not playing with it. I counted AT LEAST three post ringers, which means we had the goalie beat, it just didn’t cross the thin red line. We dominated the offensive zone for most of the game it seemed, we took chances, took shots, took hits, and fought hard. I’m proud of the game we lost. The Devils are looking so much better than last season. Let’s see if we can have revenge tonight.

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