Free Agent Frenzy: July 3rd

Time is Money

First of all, a Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Yesterday, the Devils and their fans were expecting a decision from Zach Parise. Unfortunately, he fooled us again by delaying the decision for one more night. Now, Parise and his buddy Ryan Suter are expected to really make their decisions today and according to recent social media news, the situation does not look too good. I hope he finds a motive to change his mind from Minnesota to New Jersey.

The Devils did make one key move in free agency yesterday.


Bryce Salvador

Wow, my apologies. I will admit I did say (and was confident) that Salvador would be gone. But, this was only because I was underestimating the Devils’ financial situation. Bryce has re-signed with the Devils for 3 years, $9.5 million (he will average $3.16 million/year). If this is the case then…it seems like New Jersey has more money than we think! This being said then signing Parise SHOULD NOT be an issue but hey, in this time, anything can happen.  Coming back to Salvador though, I think his confidence has raised a lot from the recent playoff year. If he can keep it up consistently then I fully support this re-signing.

A reminder: Keep refreshing your pages. Also be sure to be alert on twitter at all times because a lot of news travels fast through there. I wouldn’t trust the HockeyBuzz but occasionally they are helpful but since we don’t live in Canada, we can’t rely on NHL Network US because they’re too lazy to show the decision. Instead you will see them broadcasting old playoff games and/or reruns of NHL 36 episodes. The internet is your best shot at understanding where he signs (or re-signs) in the quickest manner.

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