Free Agent Frenzy: Independence Day Disaster

Well I hope everyone had a fun Fourth of July! In an overall sense, I did. But in the afternoon, I’m sure the hearts of every Devils fan got shattered. The decision that was made by our (former) captain today will forever rest in the hearts of NJ fans. In my opinion, the only way to get rid of the curse is to defeat this demon at a big stage that will donate him a long-lasting sense of humility and shame.

Parise Wild

In the afternoon, Zach Parise decided he would return to his home state of Minnesota and sign a contract with the Minnesota Wild. He will spend his next 13 years (aka life) earning a total of $98 million. His average salary per year would be around $7.5 million, which is much less that what the Devils were offering. So why would he “take his talents to Lake City” if money wasn’t the issue. LeBron took his “talents to South Beach” because he wanted to earn more money AND win a championship. I’m confused how the Wild entertain Parise with those two incentives because his raise is $1.5 million and albeit, the State of Hockey isn’t going to host a Stanley Cup Final game in a long time. Again, I will bite these words and come out with a strong apology because I’m humble. However, I’m pretty confident that the Phoenix Coyotes can win 3 championships before the Wild can make the finals. One of Sports Radio 66 WFAN’s famous personalities, Craig Carton (co-host of the Boomer and Carton show), even mentioned that “Minnesota is a dump. Parise won’t go far there”. I understand that the statement might be a little exaggerated (that’s what Carton does) but if we analyze his point, he is right. While Parise was born in the Twin Cities Metro Area (which is where the Wild play), did he really have that big of an urge to return back home? Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said that “Zach never insisted on including money in the deal”. That being said, this decision was not based on monetary advantage, but rather on the fact that he would be playing home. Still, I can’t fathom how making a run to the Stanley Cup Finals doesn’t indicate a sure return to New Jersey. But then again, according to TSN’s Darren Dreger, Parise and his buddy Ryan Suter were communicating the whole year about their future. I’m not a 100% sure about this but I’m pretty confident that Suter was forced to join Parise because all signs were pointing for Suter to join the Red Wings. It’s a bit of a conspiracy when you see that both of them signed with one team for the same amount of years for the same amount of money (13 years, $98 million). I could say that the Devils had one of the best records in the NHL in the 10-11 season without Parise but that would just be a daily case of sour grapes. Good riddance though! November the 11th of this season features a matchup with the Wild and I hope the Devils crush them and show Parise no mercy! Do not give up on this team and the organization if one liar betrays the franchise! New Jersey will return back fiercer and faster. Let’s go Devils!


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