Devils Win – Marty Gets #104

The Devils put together a complete 60 minute effort and Marty walks away with a record setting 104th shutout of his career. The Devils have owned the Igloo this season and I for one will be sad to see it go, if we don’t make a few trips there this spring.

Marty stopped all 35 saves including 8 shots made during power plays and had the post help him out very late in the game but unlike the game in Buffalo, Marty actually have to make some pretty good saves against the Penguins.

The Pens and the Devils were both pretty hot coming into this game and it wouldn’t be fair to say the Penguins didn’t bring that to the game because I thought the did, I just thought this was a case of Marty being better. Both the Penguins and the Devils spent the night going hard after loose pucks. For a few minutes in the second, the Penguins kind of fell into a funk and paid for it with the Devils scoring 2.

The Pandolfo / Nierdermayer line did a wonderful job putting a stop to the Pens top line and probably even better on the Penalty Kill. McAmmond is still playing at a level I never thought he was capable of.

The Devils as a team shined bright tonight but nothing shines brighter than Marty Brodeur. There isn’t much left in the record books for Marty to put his name next to. Shutouts are difficult to achieve because it takes and individual effort as well as a team effrot at times but to be sitting alone atop the list with a 104 of them is truly incredible. It doesn’t matter to me what other people think of say but Marty is truly the greatest goalie anyone of us has ever laid eyes on. He’s broken record after record, been a huge assett to his team and made the NHL change the game while he was playing with it. I ask you, name 1 other goalie in the league now that can even come close to Martin Brodeur.


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Darren is a long time fan of the New Jersey Devils and had been covering the New Jersey Devils for various websites before starting up Running With The Devils in the fall of 2009.