Devils Week 7 Ups and Downs

M. Brodeur – A Win, a loss and a shootout loss. I thought he played decently this week although I thought he made a mistake that allowed Philly to score their 3rd goal on Monday.

R. Pelley – Not averaging a lot of ice time but I think he picked up the slack on faceoffs once Zubrus left the Nashville game.
T. Zajac – 2 assists against Washington and 1 against Nashville.
D. Zubrus – 1 assist against Washington and decent face-off numbers. Devils percentage at winning face-offs took a drastic hit once he left the Nashville game. If he’s injured for a long period of time, this would be a significant injury.
P. Elias – Picked up 3 points during the week, took a few shots. Other than his whining, I thought he had a good week.
Z. Parise – Goals in 6 straight games and this guy always seems to be where the puck is going to be.
A. Peters – Still don’t know what he brings to the table. He gets a shot a game..maybe and spent too much time in Nashville trying to get Tootoo to fight him when it’s obvious to non-hockey fans Tootoo wasn’t going to fight him period.
N. Bergfors – 2 points against Washington and is still aggressively getting to the puck. I would like to see him shoot more though.
D. Clarkson – Had that nice goal against Philly to bring NJ into the game briefly.
M. Halischuk – Got his first goal against the Caps, played just alright in Philly (but so did the entire team) and didnt play against the Preds.
J. Langenbrunner – 1 goal and 2 assists in 3 games will get anyone a green colored name.
B. Rolston – Another week, another big fat 0 on the scoresheet. Averages 3 shots per game. Lets do the math shall we? He gets 5 million a year which is about 60,000 bux a game, 3 shots means we’re paying him 20grand per shot…SCORE WILL YOU??? I’d miss shots for 1/10 of that…
T. Sestito – First point of the season came against Washington, who didn’t get a point in that game..oh wait Rolston.. Logging decent time, the goals will come.
D. McAmmond – Great first game, I like what he brings.

M. Fraser – Luke warm on him but he’s not killing us. Honestly you don’t hear his name alot.
A. Greene – Didn’t get points this week but he jumps up and does his part.  
M. Mottau – He comes up with occasional import shot block, doesn’t take penalties, what’s not to like?
C. Murphy – A goal and an assist vs the Caps, played in Philly then sent to Lowell…OUCH, the least I could do is make his name green for the Caps game.
B. Salvador – Pretty much the same critique as Mottau
C. White – Goal and assist this week (for a while it was 2 goals). Not 100% sure what happened to him on Arnott’s first goal but certainly was f*cking that chicken.
T. Eckford – Liked what he brought in his first game and think he’s a better option that Murphy (even with his goal and assist).

Injured and Scratched
R. Niedermayer, J. Pandolfo, P. Leblond, I. Pikkarainen, P. Martin, J. Oduya

Player of the week – Can’t justify not giving it to Zach Parise.

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