Devils Week 10 Up and Downs

M. Brodeur – Thought he played OK against the Wings, played outstanding against Buffalo and made some big saves against Carolina to keep them from tying the game.

R. Pelley – He’s been part of a much improved 4th line, which I give most of the credit to his linemates. He doesn’t score but he’s generating some shots. He’s not great but he’s not bad (notice the new color).
T. Zajac – Had an up and down week from me. He got a few points, his faceoff wins were good against buffalo but less than 50% in the others.
P. Elias – Like Zajac he was good in a couple games, not a factor in the others although when he lined up to take the shootout agasint the Wings, the entire arena knew the game was about to be done.
Z. Parise – Played the role of assist man this week but as per usual, he gets the job done. See that shooutout goal agasint the Wings, I think he took Osgood’s jock in the process!!
N. Bergfors – 2 goals and an assist, evertyhing is just about going this kids way. Sadly for Sweden, he was deemed ineligable for the Olympics this week.
M. Halischuk – Played vs TB, scratched the rest of the way.
J. Langenbrunner – Jamie just keeps racking up the assists.
B. Rolston – Starting to feel like he’s getting a point in every other game, so he’s due tonight? D. McAmmond – I love what this guy is bringing. Yea, he’s not putting up points but sometimes you can overlook that if the intangeables are being done correctly.
R. Niedermayer – 1 goal, 1 assist and 1 magnificent screen.
J. Pandolfo – a couple of assists, can I really ask for anything more?
I Pikkarainen – Still gets my vote as weakest member on his line.
V. Zharkov – has been a pleasent surprise. Points are points and if you do that, you get no complaints from me. (see Rolston’s rating this week!)

M. Fraser – Gotta block shots better. Anytime the go off your stick, off your leg and in your own net, you’re not getting huge props from me.
A. Greene – By far the most productive d-man on the team.
M. Mottau – Does the little things right and rang one off the post against the canes.
B. Salvador – He’s banging some bodies which is good..right?
C. White – I don’t know about Colin…he’s our for another few years but there are times I forget he’s even out there.
J. Oduya – First game back he gets a goal and then back to his ways.
M. Corrente – Plays a little bit but sure is a scrappy little guy.

Individually, there aren’t a lot of guys that stand out to me this week but it was more team efforts that got it done.

Player of the week – (Tie) Marty for the milestone and Andy Greene for an awesome game against the Hurricanes.

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Darren is a long time fan of the New Jersey Devils and had been covering the New Jersey Devils for various websites before starting up Running With The Devils in the fall of 2009.