Devils Get Dominated All Night But Still Win

You knew going into this game that we would be reminded over and over again that the last time the Devils were in this building, they lost the cup. At least it appears that we’ve gotten past the point of blaming Steve Bernier for it because I don’t recall being reminded of his boarding penalty too much. It did come up but it was glossed over, which it should have been. Yes, the last time we were there we lost the cup. The last time we were there this team looked completely different, although NJ did have a #9 and #17 dressed for this game.

Oh LA, we tolerate you but can we get a new gag? I mean seriously, the Jersey Shore has been off the air for a while now but I suppose when the Leafs come to town in 2021, you’ll still be making Rob Ford jokes.

The way this game started and the way LA seemed to come out, it seemed to me that it was only a matter of time before they would start running away with the game. They are a huge team and they had a lot of speed but Cory Schneider was up to the task, coming up with save after save. I know with a few minutes to go in the 1st period, I couldn’t wait to just get out of the 1st period so they could go in the locker-room and make the adjustments needed to slow down the Kings.

I don’t think the Devils made those adjustments because the 2nd period was more of the same and NJ seemed to just be getting rolled over for most of the game. It was another night that I thought Schneider would be outstanding and another night where I thought the offense had forgotten to get on the bus. And then at 5:52 of the 3rd, the Devils managed to get just their 6th shot on net and this happened…

Then, about a minute later, the Devils decided they need to be a little more aggressive at getting the puck in the net and LA made a few quick passes out of the zone which created a 2 on 1 that Schneider got a piece of but Justin Williams banged home. I thought Schneider looked a little pissed after that goal. I know goalies get that way after pretty much every goal but the offense wasn’t doing much all night, now the defense pinched up to be more aggressive and didn’t get back to help out. On top of all that, Fayne left Williams all alone.

’d like to point out once again, Mark Fayne is complete crap. I’ve felt it for a long time. I wish Jon Merrill didn’t get hurt because I would rather see him out there instead of Fayne but Merrill is back in Albany now.

Give NJ some credit though, they hung in there to force OT and then for the 2nd night in a row, Jagr comes up huge and the Devils win in OT on back to back nights.

I wonder if we will ever get the Jaromir Jagr salute though. I thought last night would have been the perfect moment but we got a little fist pump instead. Maybe we will get it when he scores his 691st goal of his career and passes Mario. The tear he has been on lately, I’m guessing that will be Saturday night.

All in all not a great game but a win is a win even if you have played 80% of the game with your head in your ass but manage to pull it out in time to put win the game, or in this case, get the extra 5 minutes to win it. The Kings dominated much of this game and they did get a point of out it but I am honestly surprised they didn’t get two. Despite the Devils performance last night, 2 wins on this West Coast trip has to be considered a success.

On to San Jose tomorrow night!!

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