Devils Blow Another Lead Late, Lose in OT

When the season comes to a close in April and the Devils are on the outside looking in, one could absolutely point to the horrible shoot-out record this year (0-8) and specifically, these last 2 games where the Devils had 2 points in their reach and only walked away with 1 point in each game. When fighting for a playoff position, every point is crucial but the Devils are a mediocre team at best so should we expect anything more?

The Devils played well last night for 57 minutes of the game but those last 3 minutes were awful. First, the Avs pinned NJ in their end which kept NJ from getting any fresh legs on the ice and you could just tell that Colorado was going to find the back of the net. Who knows, maybe that’s what the Devils were thinking to, which would point to a confidence problem at the moment but that’s what happens when you blow lead after lead in the final moments of a game.

I would love to see the stat about goals allowed when the opposition pulls their goalie because I bet the Devils are probably the league’s worst team. Yes, it hasn't been a huge problem until recently but 3 games in a row where the opposition pulls their goalie and finds the equalizer is just too many. So close to getting those 2 points and then boom, WHAT??

Schneider played well and you can’t fault him for the goals. No one really picked up Parenteau or tried to tie up his stick on the tying goal. Then, how do you allow the Avs to get a breakaway so late in the game and why slash him so deliberately in front of the referee? I do like DeBoer as a coach but I do find his team to be really undisciplined in key moments of a game.

Jagr’s play was outstanding. It certainly makes me feel bad about myself because he’s a couple of years older than me but in WAY better shape. Unfortunately for the Devils, Jagr and Schneider can’t do it all. Wake up Lou, the Devils need some scoring help. Why do I feel that fans/media/everyone talks about this issue year in and year out. NJ’s defense always gets recognized as being one of the better ones, although that is debatable because they can’t clear the zone when they absolutely need to but in the next breath, we talk about the Devils inability to put the puck in the net.

Will it ever change? 

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Darren is a long time fan of the New Jersey Devils and had been covering the New Jersey Devils for various websites before starting up Running With The Devils in the fall of 2009.