NHL GameCenter Live is something I've been meaning to checkout for a long time and last week, I finally got to pull the trigger on it. If there could be something classified as a "Hockey Addiction" I truly believe that I should be standing in front of a group of strangers, stating my name and telling them I love hockey a little too much. So this GameCenter Live is the greatest tool made to feed my addiction.

I will get the one downside of the service out of the way and then talk about all the things I love about it. I'm a Devils fan (duh!!) and I live in NJ which means when the Devils are on, I don't get them on GameCenter Live because of the whole "Blackout" rule. I have to wait 48 hours after the game to get the archive footage so thinking I could use GCL to follow the Devils while my wife uses the TV to watch her shows isn't something realistically possible but I've come to terms with it. Thankfully hockey for me doesn't live and die with the Devils.

So now on to the good stuff. The real-time stats that are in GCL are phenominal and its just on click away. If you are a fantasy freak, you can choose to follow the hits, shots, and goals of one player with the Play by Play Game Tracker. If you have 4 guys playing in one night you can watch those 4 games at the same time. I also found the Live Chat a fun way to watch a game, chatting about hits and goals and how great it was to watch Hartnell sucker punch Sean Avery. I've also utilize the archives into my pregame write-ups. It's a great way to go and watch the previous game of the next Devils opponent and figure out what type of team they are facing, which players are hot and what their tendancies are.

GameCenter Live is certainly worth the money and at $119 for the rest of the season, it's really not a heavy hit on the wallet. According to the Director of Social Media Marketing & Strategy for the NHL, there will be a free preview of GameCenter Live tomorrow (January 26th) and I highly suggest you check it out if you've ever thought that GCL might be a nice thing to have.