Written by Darren S | 06 June 2012


Here we are, Game 4 and looking at elimination. What can you say? It’s been hard to watch this team struggle against a bigger, stronger and faster team that hasn’t allowed the Devils to get their game going. Florida, Philly and New York didn’t have an answer to our constant fore-checking but the Kings have some really big guys who respond positively to a strong fore-check.

I don’t want it to seem like I am writing the Devils eulogy because I honestly believe there is still fight left in this team. We can’t go into tonight focused on the fact that we need 4 straight wins in order to win this series. Instead, we need to focus on winning each period. Win period one, then period two, then period three and you win the game. Lather, rinse, repeat. We can’t get too far ahead of ourselves. Winning 4 straight is a huge task but if you take it a game at a time, it gets easier. Tonight’s goal, just get a win and then game 5 would be get another win, create doubt in their minds, win game 6 and anything can happen in a game 7 but it all has to start tonight.

The Devils haven’t been able to score but they haven’t exactly made it difficult for Quick. They haven’t gotten traffic in front of him and continue to shoot low or to the midsection. On top of that, we’ve continue to pass up shots in order to look for that perfect set up. Wayne Gretzky once said “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  Don’t get cute NJ, just put the puck on net. I can live with Quick making 40+ saves in a night and getting the win, at least you made him work for it. Having only 2 goals so far in this series doesn’t win you much but again, it goes back to shooting the puck.

The Devils were handed 6 power plays the other night (most of them as a way to make up for a bad first goal that was allowed) and failed on each of them. Surprise, surprise, NJ didn’t shoot that much. You have to take advantage of the opportunities handed to you.

LA has gotten out to the lead in all 3 games so far. I’d give anything to see what NJ could do if they got a lead. Would the Kings change their style? Would the Devils skate with more confidence?

I was hard on Clarkson in the beginning of the year but then he won me over. Sorry David, you are back on my list, well kind of, because I’m getting tired of watching you miss opportunities.

Rumor is that Sykora is back in tonight. Good!! Never really made sense to me why a 20+ goal scorer got scratched. On top of that, why keep a 20+ goal scorer scratched in a series where goal scoring is a serious problem?

Like I said, not ready to bury this team yet. Take it shift by shift and period by period but each guy on the bench has to know their role and trust that the guy sitting next to him knows his role and will play his role.

Game 3 CBC Video

They really do a great job with these. Makes me want to dust off my editing skills!!

And finally…

I have to ask…..


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Written by Raj Vaidya | 04 June 2012


Kings Devs Game 3

I can’t really say it’s over yet. Simply because it’s not. However, I’m left hopeless because now that Los Angeles grabbed Game 3, the Devils have no choice but to win the next 4. Is it possible? Yes. Do I think it will happen? As much as I’d love to say yes, I’m going to take a few seconds and be a realist. It’s too much of an endeavor and based on how the Devils have played compared to how the Kings have played, it’s virtually impossible.

Great energy towards this one. I felt as if the Devils were going to break through with a couple of goals but Jonathan Quick held his ground. Similarly, Marty Brodeur stopped the Kings’ offensive forays yet I would still give the edge in momentum to NJ. Mike Richards of LA took an elbowing call at the 5:25 point and a minute later, Jeff Carter took a double minor for high sticking. This gave the Devils a 1 minute, 5-on-3 power play which they failed to take advantage of! As the double minor portion of the power play was set to begin, Marek Zidlicky (who I will just refer to as Bum now because Devils fans are convinced of his inconsistency) took a tripping penalty, offsetting the majority of the Devils’ power play. After the 4-on-4, the Devils had 39 seconds of power play time and to no one’s surprise, didn’t score. To me this was the turning point of the game. The positive to take from this period as both teams headed to their respective locker rooms, was that the game was still scoreless.

New Jersey played the first few minutes of this period with a lot of activity in Los Angeles’ zone. Note though, it was only the first few minutes. I have no clue why the Devils lost it there. At the14:20 point, Dwight King/Alec Martinez of LA seemed to have batted the puck while Marty had it covered under his pads. Eventually the puck found its way to the back of the net. The goal was credited to Martinez, his first of the playoffs, assisted by King and Trevor Lewis, but I suspect some terrible officiating on that call. However, I can’t blame the refs completely because of the amount of power plays that were given to the Devils. Anze Kopitar for holding and Dustin Penner for goalie interference but the Devils power play was lackluster once again. With 4:53 to go, Kopitar one timed a pass on the forehand from Kings captain Dustin Brown past Marty to give LA a 2-0 lead. To be honest at this point, a shutout for Quick was inevitable. Simon Gagne took a slashing penalty towards the end of the period but even though the power play would carry over into the third, I knew there wasn’t any reason to believe that NJ would break it open at the start of the third.

Just like I predicted it, nothing happened on the Devils power play. They didn’t score nor did they generate a ton of chances either. In the early few minutes of the third, Mark Fayne and Bum both took penalties and guess what? Los Angeles scored on both of them. Carter scored his 6th of the playoffs at the 15:45 point with the assists going to Richards and Willie Mitchell and then at the 13:13 point, Justin Williams scored his 3rd of the playoffs, with the assists going to Drew Doughty and Kopitar. 4-0 was now the score and that would not change. Quick earned a well-deserved shutout and New Jersey now trails the series 3-0, in search of a miracle.

njd 0-4  LAK 


Next Game (and potentially the last game of the season): Wednesday, June 6th, 2012: Game 4 Devils @ Kings from Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA at 8 P.M. (EST) on NBC Sports Network.

Key Notes: Not a lot here from the Devils point of view. Simon Gagne returned from a long absence due to an injury for the Kings. You can pretty much say the Kings are the Flyers of the West since they now have Carter, Richards, Gagne, and Williams, all ex-Flyers. New Jersey was 0/6 on the power play and 0/2 on the penalty kill – hello this is the Stanley Cup! Wake up! But it’s probably too late to do that now. Wing the next 4 games because any “strategy” won’t help, in my opinion.

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Written by Darren S | 04 June 2012


Being down 0-2 in this series is kind of deflating. The Devils didn’t really show up for game 1 and did a much better job in game 2 but got the same result, a 2-1 OT loss to the Kings. However, there is a bright spot in all of this. This series could easily be tied at 1-1 if the Devils could have done a better job at getting to Jonathan Quick.

The frustrating part is that Kovalchuk, Elias, Parise, Clarkson and Sykora (who isn’t even playing) all had 20 or 30 goal seasons but aren’t scoring in this series. One goal per game isn’t going to win you anything.

So what do we do tonight?

  • We are being kept in the dark about the Devils lineup. There is a rumored “no change” to the lineups but we will see what tonight brings. I for one would be in favor of sitting Zidlicky because he’s been so horrible at times. It was said on a radio hockey show I was listening to that the Devils don’t have anyone on their roster that can do what Doughty did on his goal the other night but I throw Adam Larsson’s name out there and say he certainly could but he’s a healthy scratch so they are right, he can’t.
  • Get traffic in front of Quick. I’ve seen the guy make way too many easy saves because he has a clear look at the puck. The two goals he has given up this series, came with guys in front of the net, either screening him while looking for a deflection or crashing the net looking for that rebound.
  • Stay aggressive and stay on the fore-check. Make LA cough up the puck and make mistakes.
  • If I see one more long pass out of the LA zone I think I am going to puke. Do a better job at keeping LA from sending out these deep passes. They do it so well and make it look so easy.
  • Help Marty out!! How the hell did we allow Doughty to just take the puck up the ice, bob and weave through our entire team and score the first goal of the night? Surely someone could have put the body on him.

Bottom line, a win tonight breathes life back into our team but a 3-0 hole is pretty much game, set and match. Remember Devils, the 2011 Champion Boston Bruins were down 2-0 at this point last year. Yes, they were going home for game 3 but the Kings are 4-2 at home this season and 10-0 on the road. Let’s start tonight and make them 4-3 at home and we will work on making them .500 on Wednesday. However you want to look at it, tonight is a MUST WIN.


And Finally….

As promised, here is the opening to Game 2 from the CBC Hockey Night in Canada broadcast. I’m guessing that miss by Fayne in Game 1 is something that is going to haunt him. This video is spot on when it says “giving up is not option, gotta get it in” while showing him miss a wide open net.


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Written by Devin Mattera | 02 June 2012


 Well well well, once again, the second game in a row, New Jersey sacrafices the first goal in the first period, only to tie the game on a re-directed puck, to fall in overtime to the Kings. Drew Doughty broke through nearly 8 minutes into the period to put the Kings up by one early, and, for the majority of the game until Devils' fourth liner Ryan Carter put the blade of his stick in the right place at the right time, steering a Marek Zidlicky shot into the ice surface as it skiddered and bounced its way past Quick, who, on his one blemish of the evening, was NOT Quick enough. The game would be capped off on a relentless effort by former Flyer Jeff Carter who worked his way all the way around the offensive zone, behind the net, back out in front to bury it through a screened Brodeur, short side, to propel the Los Angeles Kings to a second consecutive 2-1 overtime victory in the Cup Finals over your New Jersey Devils to take a 2-0 series lead, heading back to LA for game three, Monday. Shots were 33-32 New Jersey; Both teams went scoreless on their powerplay opportunities (NJ: 0-4/ LA: 0-2) where as New Jersey out hit the Kings 35-32 in 67:18 minutes of play. Quick, as Brodeur, both had their share of highlight reel saves throughout the game, including MORE missed opportunities by the Devils. The New Jersey Devils heading into game three MUST, in order to win, must:

  • Shoot the puck more. (The Devils took 33 shots in G2, 16 more shots than in G1)
  • Continue to play 5 on 5 hockey.
  • Tighten up on the defensive aspect of the game. (They cant allow a defenseman like Drew Doughty to nearly go coast to coast and score high short side on Marty; allowing breakaways in overtime periods, WILL lead to bad news (G1, Anze Kopitar GWG))
  • Shoot high! Plain and simple...
  • Get guys in front of the net, seems to be the only way to squeek one past Quick thus far.

 Game 3 will be played Monday evening in Los Angeles, California in the Staples Center, 8pm on NBC. The Devils are currently down 2 games to none and are in a MUST-WIN situation heading into enemy territory after dropping games 1 & 2 on relativly quiet home ice. On a lighter note, be sure you follow the @RWTDblog on twitter: @RealScottRobb, @DEVIN88MATTERA, and @Rvaidya33. Check out "Running With The Devils" on facebook, too! From all of us at Running With The Devils, I'm Devin Mattera, you stay classy Devils fans!

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Written by Darren S | 01 June 2012


Game 1 ended up being a much different game than I was expecting and no I am not talking about the ending. In the end it came down to a mistake that cost us the game but don’t think that was the only mistake because it wasn’t. It was just the mistake that overshadowed all the other mistakes because it ended the game.

The Kings played typical road hockey where it seemed like they would just sit back, wait for the home team to make a mistake and capitalize on that mistake. The first goal was text book fore-checking and the OT winner was the classic “you just made a huge mistake and I am not going to let that opportunity slip away.”

The Devils have a lot of room for improvement in Game 2 and let’s hope we see that improvement. Things that need to be addressed:

  • Puck movement – When is the last time we saw NJ struggle with moving the puck, especially through the neutral zone?
  • Stop being cute with the puck – These aren’t the shot blocking Rangers we faced in the last round so there is no need to try and get cute with the puck. Put the puck on net, the more Quick faces, the more likely one is going to find the back of the net. We put up 15 shots in regulation including a whopping 3 in the second period. Remember when Philly couldn’t beat us because we didn’t allow them to get shots on net?
  • I’ve watched the Kopitar goal over and over and I still can’t understand what Zidlicky was even doing on the play, besides taking himself out of the play. Defensive breakdowns like that can’t happen in the Stanley Cup Finals.

I would expect New Jersey to come out much better in Game 2 and I can honestly say I don’t know what to expect of LA. Was the game they played in Game 1 a clear picture of how they play hockey? If it is, I wasn’t that impressed. Like I said, it was mostly sitting back waiting for NJ to make a mistake. If this wasn’t their normal kind of game, should we expect that to show up in Game 2?

I wouldn’t say that Game 1 was the worst performance we’ve seen out of the Devils this post-season but it is certainly close. Give Marty credit, he kept us in the game. When you have a guy like Kopitar skating in all alone with so time and space that he can make 3 different deke moves, there really is no chance to stop him.

Back to Zidlicky for a moment – I’m not really sure what’s wrong with this guy. He was lights out in the first two series and then looked shakey against NY. I think I would take the games he had against NY over what I saw on Wednesday night. His heavy point shot is the only thing keeping me from calling for Larsson over him in the lineup at the moment.

Do me a favor, if you are going to the game… YELL!!!! I’ve seen more noise and commotion at a funeral. There weren’t a lot of chants going on and the crowd was a non-factor. It can’t be, it has to pump energy into the team when they need it. Take a cue from the Rangers fans.. BE OBNOXIOUS otherwise, LA is just going to continue their road streak.

And finally…

CBC is at it again with their openings before each game of the Finals. This was the opening to Game 1 and while last year’s opening was much better in my opinion but it’s hard to criticize anything with the Devils in it…


And then one more thing... Scott Burnside, the ultimate Devils hater can't even do his homework and find out how to pronounce Adam Henrique's last name before interviewing him prior to Game 1. Tell me again why ESPN even tries when it comes to Hockey? Burnside sucks and is like the biggest douchebag in hockey (expect maybe for Ecklund) and you got this other Katie Strang who supposed to write for all NY area hockey teams but never really covered NJ all season until they knocked off her precious Rangers.

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Written by Scott Robb | 30 May 2012


On a night where the New Jersey Devils were unable to capitalize on several scoring opportunities, it seemed inevitable that the Los Angeles Kings would come away with a Game One victory. Anze Kopitar's seventh goal of the postseason gave LA an overtime victory and an early series lead. The Devils will need to come out strong in Game Two and even up the series before hitting the road.

Both teams came out ready to play and were defensively sound. The Devils and Kings were limited to five SOG a piece in the opening twenty minutes; however, Colin Fraser broke the ice with his first postseason goal to put the Kings up 1-0. Fraser's goal came at 9:56 of the first period. Andy Greene turned the puck over behind the net, Jordan Nolan jumped on the loose puck, and fed it in front to Fraser. This particular goal could be classified as a "softy" and one that I'm sure Brodeur would love to have back. David Clarkson air-mailed two shots that could have easily been in the net. Aside from Clarkson's chances, the Devils did not produce much offense in the first. New Jersey went 0-for-1 on the power play in the opening period and trailed heading into intermission.

The Devils were able to break even in the middle period. Anton Volchenkov scored a much needed goal for New Jersey. The Devils' defenseman put the puck on net and the rebound bounced off a Kings player in front and in. It seemed as though with the goal came an energy boost for New Jersey; the physical play began to pick up as well. Los Angeles and New Jersey both missed a power play opportunity in the second and were all knotted up at the end of forty minutes.

The third period was one of great intensity. Both teams had great chances and were unable to capitalize. The physical play from period number two carried over into the third. If there is anything impressive about tonight's game for the Devils, it is the fact that they were able to stay out of the penalty box. Dainius Zubrus took the only penalty of the night for the Devils in period number two, and although they were physical, the Devils were smart. No goals, no penalties, and we head into overtime.

Frustrating. The Devils had several scoring opportunities in the overtime period. Mark Fayne missed a wide open (literally, WIDE OPEN) net on a rebound in front that would have won the game for New Jersey. The Kings won a battle along the boards and moved the puck out of the zone. Bryce Salvador and Zubrus both went after Justin Williams who had the puck at center ice. Kopitar skated freely down the middle and received a backhand pass from Williams. Kopitar then deeked out Brodeur to score the game-winning goal.

The Good...

  • The Devils managed to take only one penalty tonight. In order to play good hockey, the Devils need to be even strength or on a man advantage. In continuing with this pattern, the Devils will be just fine in the future.
  • Martin Brodeur--even though he let in a "softy" in the first, Brodeur kept the Devils in the game tonight with some unbelievable saves.

The Bad...

  • The lack of crowd energy tonight really disappointed me. It's the Stanley Cup Final, for crying out loud. The Prudential Center needs to be a TAD bit louder!
  • The complete defensive breakdown on the game-winning goal. It just simply cannot happen.
  • Mark Fayne--I mean, seriously. How do you miss a WIDE OPEN net with the game on the line? Seems to me like it is time to give Larsson another whack at it. At this point, I'd be more confident with a broken stick laying on the ice than Fayne.

We have been down this road before, Devils Army. We lost Game One against the Flyers and the Rangers. The Devils need to come out strong on Saturday in Game Two. We can do this!

Above: Anze Kopitar of the Los Angeles Kings celebrates after scoring the game-winning goal in overtime against Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Newark, N.J., on Wednesday. (Photo by ELSA/GETTY IMAGES)

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Written by Darren S | 30 May 2012


Game 1 – Stanley Cup Finals!! A quick show of hands, who predicted this at the beginning of the season? Anyone!!?? Actually, I went back and looked at the season preview that Debra and I did in the beginning of the year and I predicted the Devils to make the playoffs but I didn’t put any predictions down beyond that. At that time, Debra was writing for this blog and she made this bold prediction…

If the Devils can make it past the first round of playoffs, thereby shaking that monkey off their backs, they will play in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Wow!! Way to go Deb!!!

So Game 1 and this series is certainly going to feature two teams that are very similar. Both have great offensive power and are huge scoring threats. Both have a decent defense that can control a game. Both have significant depth in their lineups. Both fore-check very well which opens the game for their offense and both have amazing men in between the pipes.

If you are looking for an edge on either side, it is going to be hard to point one out. The one thing I can say about NJ is that our 4th line has done a better job of putting up points than the King’s fourth line but then I would have to point out that the Kings are an amazing road team.

This series is going to be VERY tight and of course stressful and probably have you on the edge of your seat every night.

The Devils get home ice advantage in this series which means in Game 1 and Game 2, the Devils get the benefit of the last line change. The bad thing is, the Kings are 8-0 on the road this postseason so that last line change hasn’t hurt them at all. That means if the Devils plan A doesn’t work, they have to be ready to go with plan B, place C, etc. In fact, this is a good word of advice going into the series against the Kings.


Keys To Winning

  • Out work the Kings. They are a hard working team but the Devils need to be that much better. Stay with the fore-check and don’t EVER sit back. Leave everything on the ice every night. You need just 4 wins and you get the cup and a summer of relaxation and partying with the cup.
  • That thing I just said about the cup, forget it. Don’t get ahead of ourselves. Take this shift by shift and game by game. Stick to the basics and the things that got you this far.

  • Be disciplined and stay out of the box. Don’t give the Kings any easy opportunities by taking dumb penalties. If you get a chance on the power play, make it count. The Kings have the best PK in the playoffs so doing that is going to be tough. Move the puck around and make Quick work the entire net.

  • The one thing to remember is that the Kings haven’t faced a lot of adversity in the post season. They’ve controlled most of the games and the series they have played. Make them work. Hopefullywhen things start getting tough for them, the entire thing will just cave in on them.

And Finally…

What scares me most about the Kings is that they have a few players on their roster that have lost in the Finals. I’m nervous that their appetite for getting that cup is going to be huge. I’m sure we all know Jeff Carter and Mike Richards are on the Kings now and they used to cause so much damage to NJ when they played in Philly. This is a tough, tough team, much tougher than the Rangers in my opinion but we can beat them if we do the little things. We faced them twice this season and beat them both times. Hopefully that trend continues.

If you are looking for some insight into the Kings, I suggest you head over to our Bloguin counterpart, The Royal Half and take a look at what they are saying about us. While you are there, really let them know who’s going home with the cup this year!!


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Written by Raj Vaidya | 28 May 2012


Masala Monday

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Masala Monday. The last time I talked to you guys, our New Jersey Devils were just about to face the New York Rangers. We all know that series is history as the Devils are now in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Los Angeles Kings…with home ice! Before the puck drops on Wednesday night, let’s take a look at which performers have been contributing to New Jersey’s trip to the finals.


Ilya Kovalchuk – What a playoffs it has been for Kovy! What seemed like an iffy moment for his performance in Game 1 of the series vs. Philly was soon reversed. He has 11 goals and 7 assists, which leads the Devils. In addition, he leads everyone with 18 playoff points. I’m sure he’s gonna be hungry for a lot more since he’s literally waited his entire life for this moment.

Martin Brodeur – Marty has really stepped up his game! I don’t believe that the Devils would have beaten New York in 6 without some of Marty’s big plays. Each game included a highlight worthy of SportsCenter recognition. You guys tell me which save could be better than that scorpion stop. There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll continue his dominance against LA.

Adam Henrique – Wow can you believe this guy?! He’s beyond clutch! Henrique isn’t much of a goal scorer in these playoffs but he has assisted on many clutch plays. His assists are just as good as his goals. He doesn’t always score goals (queue the Dos Equis man), but when he does, he makes sure they’re series clinching overtime goals! Henrique’s Game 7 2OT goal in Florida and Game 6 OT goal vs. the Rangers are the reasons why the Devils are in a spot to capture Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The Devils 4th line – Yup! They’re doing work again! Boomer Esiason even mentioned on the Boomer and Carton show (660 WFAN/MSG weekdays from 6 AM – 10 AM) that the Devils’ 4th line of Ryan Carter, Stephen Gionta, and Steve Bernier were killing the Rangers! That’s not something we hear every day. I hope they can keep up the clutch scoring and intimidating presence for the Cup.


Marek Zidlicky – Disappointed to notice that he hasn’t carried his momentum from the Philly series up to now. I barely saw any progress from him against the Rangers. He passes a lot more than he should on power plays. I have a feeling that he and Kovalchuk should trade spots on the power play. I feel more confident about Kovy’s rifle down from the middle of the point rather than Zidlicky’s shot. You just might think that his “shot” is another way of saying slap pass.

Mark Fayne – At least I’ve heard Zidlicky’s name. Where has Fayne been though? I hope he’s not going to remain as a filler defenseman. In that case bring in Larsson because he’s faster and he does a lot more work in my opinion. Though if he starts making plays, the Kings will have a lot to handle on their plate.

Patrik Elias – I’m very well aware that he did score in a pivotal Game 5 at MSG. Nonetheless, we needed him to turn back the clock to his goal scoring days. Trust me though, if he does, then the Devils will have an offensive juggernaut that might not be stoppable. I’m eagerly waiting for that day but as of now, Elias has been a little too quiet.

As a team? I would say without a doubt the Devils are SPICY! After routing the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals, let’s hope the Devils can win it all over the Los Angeles Kings. 91% of people think LA will win but that’s our cue. The haters will hate and the Devils shall once again, shatter the words and predictions of critics…hopefully! Both teams will be coming off big breaks so if rust is an issue, it will affect both teams. If you don’t believe so, do share your views. You all can send me your views/criticisms via commenting or via tweeting.

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Written by Scott Robb | 28 May 2012


Here we are folks. The New Jersey Devils are Eastern Conference Champions and will take on the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Final. For New Jersey, it's their first trip to the Cup since they defeated Anaheim in 2003. The Kings have not been in the Stanley Cup Final since 1993. In what should be an interesting series, the Devils look to finish off their 2011-2012 season on a very positive and somewhat unexpected note.

Who: The sixth-seeded New Jersey Devils will take on the eighth-seeded Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Final. For the first time in the postseason, the Devils will have home-ice advantage. The Devils collected 102 regular season points with a 48-28-6 record. The Kings racked up 95 points with a 40-27-15 record. The Kings are 12-2 in the 2012 NHL Playoffs and, even more impressively, are 8-0 on the road.


Season Series: 
The Devils won the season series over Los Angeles. New Jersey (2-0-0, 4 points) won both of their games against Los Angeles (0-1-1, 1 point) in October; Johan Hedberg won both games for the Devils. One victory was in shutout fashion, the other came in a shootout.

Four More Wins: Jersey's Team is just four wins away from their first Stanley Cup Championship in nine years. With a win, New Jersey will tie the Detroit Red Wings for most Championships in the last two decades with four each. This is the Devils' fifth trip to the Stanley Cup in franchise history; New Jersey defeated Detroit in 1995 and the Dallas Stars in 2000 before losing to the Colorado Avalanche in 2001. In 2003, the Devils defeated the Anaheim Ducks in seven games to win the Cup again.

Key Players: It will be a battle of the goaltenders in this series. Forty-year-old Martin Brodeur is so close to his fourth championship. Look for him to turn up his game a couple of notches, if that is even possible. Brodeur has posted 12 wins this postseason, one shutout, and a .923 SV%. Back in 2003, Brodeur posted three shutouts in the Stanley Cup Final; the Devils won 3-0 in Game One, Two, and Seven. Los Angeles goaltender Jonathan Quick has also posted 12 postseason wins, 2 shutouts, and a .946 SV%. In order for either team to win, they will have to rely on the netminder to carry them. Who will prevail victorious?

It's Actually Kind Of Interesting: The Devils, for the first time this postseason, have home-ice advantage. However, the Kings are 8-0 on the road in the 2012 Playoffs. Can the Devils capitalize on their home-ice advantage? The Devils have won all but two of their home games in the 2012 Playoffs. The Prudential Center is certainly going to be louder than ever before during the Stanley Cup Final, and hopefully, the Devils are able to use that to their benefit.

What's The Big Deal: The Kings are 12-2 in the playoffs heading into the Stanley Cup Final. Two of the Devils' three Championships have come against teams who were 12-2 heading into the Final: Detroit Red Wings (1995) and Anaheim Ducks (2003). The Stars, who the Devils defeated in the 2000 Stanley Cup Final, were 12-5.

Stanley Cup History: The Devils are 3-1 in the Stanley Cup Final. The Kings' only Stanley Cup Final appearance came in 1993. The Montreal Canadiens defeated Los Angeles in five games.

Prediction: Devils in six. I said the SAME THING before the Flyers and Rangers series and the Devils were able to win both series. Something about this match-up says seven games is not totally out of the question, though.

Above: New Jersey Devils left wing Zach Parise (9) scores against Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick (32) during the shootout Thursday Oct. 13, 2011. Devils win 2-1 against the Kings in a shootout. (Photo by Saed Hindash/The Star-Ledger)

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Written by Darren S | 25 May 2012


They did it. In one night, they put all that 1994 crap to rest. It's done, we move on and the Rangers go home. We want the cup, there is no questioning that and we will focus on that tomorrow but for one night, we will take joy in knowing we sent the Rangers home. Rangers fans wanted to bring up 1994 over and over again. Well enjoy Rangers fan, 1994 is all you have!!

The Devils got out to a quick 2-0 started but once again, for the 5th time this season we blew a 2 goal lead. Give NJ credit, they battled through it, battle against a team that played a very good game and found a way to win. Carter opened the scoring by pouncing on a puck in the crease and the Kovy blew a puck right by Lundqvist on the PP. Give Lundqvist some credit though, he had to go post to post to try and stop it and Kovy just blew it right by him. In OT, it was Henrique, who sent Florida home in Round 1. What a game!!!

Enjoy Devils fans, we have a few days to celebrate before we get down to business again.  

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