The Devils and Ilya Kovalchuk are once again at the mercy of the National Hockey League.

Both sides submitted a new contract to the league this past Friday. The Devils and Kovalchuk worked extensively with the league to create the framework of a new contract, which is a 15-year, $100 million dollar contract. Kovalchuk will account for a $6.66 million dollar cap hit.

Continue reading for more details on the newly-submitted contract.

The NHL rejected the first contract between Kovalchuk and the Devils. On July 19, Kovalchuk signed a 17-year, $102 million contract. But the league rejected the deal for several reasons, most notably the age at the end of the contract and its front-loaded structure. The NHLPA filed a grievance on behalf of Kovalchuk, but systems arbitrator Richard Bloch upheld the decision.

The league now has five actual days to review the contract. The latest we will hear about this new contract will be Wednesday.

The structure of the contract was not released. When speaking to Tom Gulitti about the contract, Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello felt “good” about the new deal.

“We feel good about what we submitted,” Lamoriello said. “I’m not going to get into anything else at all because it could be misleading or misrepresented.”

So, once again, Devils fans must wait to league to decide the fate of the contract.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Brown/The Star-Ledger