The Devils used the best draft pick they’ve had since 1991 (4th overall) to choose Swedish Defenseman Adam Larsson. If the commentators on TSN/Versus are to be believed, the Devils pulled off the steal of the draft by acquiring Larsson as the 4th overall pick. According to those same commentators, Larsson is the most NHL ready prospect in this year’s draft. He has great vision when passing the puck out of the defensive zone and also shoots right-handed (a rare sight on the Devils’ blueline lately). Of course, only time will tell whether or not the experts on TSN/Versus are correct in their assessment of Larsson. We have no way of knowing what either Larsson or the Devils’ thoughts are yet because, unlike with every other team and for reasons I can’t figure out, TSN didn’t interview the Devils or their pick.  One would have to assume that the Devils are thrilled...they did choose Larsson, after all.  But it would have been nice to actually hear them express their excitement and to hear what Larsson had to say.  (I'm just sayin'...)

One thing we do know is that Larsson couldn’t have gone to a classier organization than the Devils. Lou Lamoriello once again demonstrated this when he first took to the podium up on the draft stage. Before getting down to the business of the draft, Lamoriello congratulated the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins on behalf of the New Jersey Devils. So, congratulations to Adam Larsson for being chosen to become a part of such an amazing organization!



With the pick of Adam Larsson, four of the Devils’ last five 1st round picks have been from Sweden.

Niclas Bergfors (2005)

Mattias Tedenby (2008)

Jacob Josefson (2009)

Adam Larsson (2011)

They didn’t have a 1st round pick in 2007 and chose Matt Corrente (who is from Canada) in 2006.