Stunned is the best way to put it. When I read what the Rangers were expected to give up for Kovalchuk, the list had to iclude either a Staal or a Dubinsky, I was sure if the Devils were landing him, Zajac's name was going to be a demand. The Devils gave up Johnny Oduya, who's been awful with a large contract this season, Nik Bergfors who's been decent in his rookie season but not so good lately, Patrice Cormier, who we've all heard so much about lately but not proven at this level and nothing more than a prospect, and a 1st rd pick. If you are Lou and this is on the table, how do you NOT pull the trigger. Lou just landed a guy who's easily top 5 in this league and one of the best pure snippers in the league.

I don't know where to put him yet, on the line with Parise and Zajac or on the line with Elias and Rolston, oh by the way, Elias is back practicing with the team. The Devils haven't been playing well and while I think Kovalchuk will add a spark, it's not going to be enough to just rely on him, the Devils have to play better as a team. Kovalchuk is a huge upgrade on offense, no doubt. I mean look at the guys he had in Atlanta and he still scored 31 goals. There's the issue of trying to sign him now but if the Devils can show this guy how great NJ is and show him this team can win, he might just decide to stay here.

When I heard the news last night, I was so thrilled, almost jumping up and down thrilled and then I thought for a moment what it must be like to be a Thrashers fan. I remember 2005 when Niedermayer announced his signing with Anaheim, how disappointed I felt. Well, Don Waddell just traded one of the league's best scorer and a young defenseman for Oduya and Bergfors, with a prospect and a pick to make it look better. How dissappointing for Thrashers fans because I thought the goal was for guys to help the Thrashers win now.

Usually Lou is quiet and never does anything too big. This is big, this is bold and I respect the move, even if it turns out to be a rental. Can't wait for tonight's game!!