The Devils have announced this morning that David Clarkson has resigned with the team. The deal is reportedly worth 8 million dollars over the next 3 years. Clarkson is a key ingredient for this team because he is a player who knows how to bury the puck, play some defense and has never been shy about dropping the gloves. I've always looked to Clarkson to add some type of spark when the Devils need it most and I am glad that I will be able to continue to look his way. He didn't have a great 2009/2010 because of injuries but I am glad to see that the Devils overlooked that and got Clarkson's deal done.

I am sure we will be covering not only any Devils signings tomorrow during the Free Agency Frenzy but will touch on all the signings, so please be sure to check back with us when the Free Agency Market opens tomorrow at 12pm.

Veteran left wingers Jay Pandolfo and Andrew Peters were placed on waivers. Pandolfo had to give his permission to be subjected to waivers because he underwent shoulder surgery this offseason. If the players are not claimed, the Devils can buy out their contracts. Pandolfo was set to earn $2.5 million this season and Peters $500,000.

It's tough to watch Pando leave the team in this manner because he was such an important part of this team and its philosophy pre-lockout but he hasn't done much for me since then and especially since he lost his linemate John Madden last summer. It is time for him to go and Andrew Peters was just a mistake from the get-go so I am certainly not sad to see him go.