Pretty self explanitory... huh? Where will Zach end up if he is dealt before or on the February 27th trade deadline? Will he stay, or will he go? Can Lou manage to sign the captain long-term, or will he be just a meer memory? Hopefully, Parise will stay put... but until a decision is made, we can only speculate. Below are 10 teams that Parise could end up with along with a brief summary in regards to his new destination.


 Hopefully Zach WILL remain a Devil and a GREAT one at that. Regardless of where he plays the game, he'll win. An all-around fantastic athelete, one of the more underrated players in the league and a spectacular leader. Zach Parise will be a fan favorite in ANY city in which he plays for, but, for now, lets be selfish and keep him all to ourselves!