I've been detained by real life the past week so I apologize that this site gets put on the back burner when that happens but I will be doing something about that in the near future.

Devils don't play again until tomorrow night but there is a lot of Devils talk this morning because apparently Denis Potvin made some comment on XM/Sirius this morning about Kovalchuk coming to the Devils. I'll state that there is nothing to confirm what he said was true. He compare the deal to the deal that brought Mogilny to the Devils in 2000. TSN's Bob McKenzie also seems to be mentioning Kovalchuk and Devils a lot in the same sentence.

I for one have a hard time picturing it because Lou doesn't usually pull the trigger on the big names like Kovalchuk but I'll run with this for now because anything is possible I suppose. There has been a lot of talk on various NJ forums that Kovalchuk isn't a "Devils Kind of Player" that he's lazy on defense and therefore a liability. For those who are saying this, may I point out that Jason Arnott and Alexander Mogilny didn't exactly fit the mold of the Devils typical players but both added something to this organization and got a ring for it.

On the powerplay alone, a Kovalchuk slapper would make them much more dangerous. Rolston is a great shot on the PP but finds board more than net where Kovalchuk gets the same velocity but is far more accurate. Currently Kovalchuk has more goals than any other Devils (6 more than Parise) and 1 less assist than team leader Zack Parise. That's a tremendous player and I for one would be happy to see Kovalchuk in a Devils uniform if the price were reasonable.

I guess this story will continue and as I stated above, I am not a believer until I see the headline.


I know its a few days old but Paul Martin pulled out of the Olympics. I don't think any of us are suprised, I mean he's missed 45 games so far this season. Martin skated on his own last week and was told by doctors on Monday that he would have to wear his cast another two weeks. I feel bad for Martin because the Olympics is a big deal but I am more interested in the Devils and this is better for them as he can take the Olympic break to get ready for the Playoffs.

The rumors on Elias is that he may return as early as this weekend or maybe Monday vs the Flyers which would be good news for the Devils scoring, not to mention good news for the Czechs. Elias was actually practicing with the team this morning which is great news.

The flu is going around the team which I hope was the cause of the disasterous game against the Leafs the other night.