I've been a Devil fan for a long time and I've seen a lot of coaches come and go. Of course guys like Jaques Lemaire, Larry Robinson and Pat Burns are special to the Devils fan base because they all delivered the Stanley Cup to the great state of NJ. I'll be honest though, of all the coaches that have had the chance to stand behind the Devils bench, I have to say that Pat Burns was beyond my favorite.

Sadly, Pat Burns lost his fight to cancer on Friday. The hockey world lost a great man and unfortunately, we couldn't put him in the Hall of Fame before his death.

Burns was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004, during the Devils' first-round playoff series against the Philadelphia Flyers. He received treatment during the summer and the ensuing work stoppage that cancelled the 2004-05 season, but just when he thought he was fit to get back in the game, Burns was diagnosed with liver cancer. It wasn't until the spring of 2008 that Burns got back behind the bench, this time as an assistant to Ken Hitchcock for Canada's entry into the IIHF World Championships. However, just a few months later Burns learned he had incurable lung cancer.

As the Devils had run through a number of coaches since Burns stepped down in 2004, I had certainly hoped he was healthy enough to return but sadly, it never happened.

My favorite Pat Burns moment I love to tell happened in the 2003 Eastern Conference Finals. In fact, it happened in Game 7. Late in the game, Jeff Friesen made a costly mistake that led to Ottawa tying the game. As Friesen got back to the bench, most thought Burns would rip him a new one but simply leaned over to Friesen and said "you owe me." A few minutes later, Friesen put home the winning goal that sent NJ to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Thats what I admired about Burns. He demanded the best of his players and got exactly that. He knew how to treat them and at times he needed to come down on them hard and other times, he just had to look at them, like Friesen, and say "you owe me."

Pat Burns always seemed to be very thankful for the Lou and the Devils. While he won the Jack Adams a number of times, I remember him saying he had a tough time getting a job in the NHL because most GM's looked at him and asked "what has he ever really won?" Lou saw past that and knew he could deliver.Thank you Lou for giving him that chance.

So we ask you to share your favorite Pat Burns memories with us this weekend.?