Marty was absent again from practice but was spotted doing some shopping outside of the Prudential Center.

In all seriousness, it has been announced that Marty will miss the next 7-10 days while he rehabs his injured right shoulder. Surgery will not be needed, which is a good thing. The team is saying the injury is "just a bruise" but it seems weird one would have to rehab a bruise. Maybe rehab means rest, well then why not just say that?

Marty missed last Saturday's game in Nashville and will now miss Friday's home game against San Jose as well as Saturday's game in Pittsburgh.  It's not known if he will miss the entire 4 game road trip that begins in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

I do worry about Marty's health at this point. I didn't think the injury appeared to be too sever and it has taken him a lot longer than I expected. It appears that he has gotten fragile pretty quickly as he's been really racking up the injury time over the last few years and while I thought he had one more decent year in him, the start of the 2011/2012 season isn't going so well for him and makeing me question that.

The main question I have now is whether or not Kinkaid will get a start in the next 5 games or will Hedberg get to play them all? Kinkaid has played 3 games in the AHL so how do we stick him in in net?