Madden's Comments

So apparently John Madden is getting some press in the great state of NJ over the last couple of days because he mentioned that his Blackhawks team that he is currently a member of and currently one win away from the Stanley Cup is the best team in which he has ever been associated with.

I'll admit, over the last 10 years, John Madden was certainly one of my favorites that played for the Devils. I'm not sure I entirely agree with his statements but I also do not entirely disagree with his statements. As for disagreeing, the 2000 cup winner was a very deep and talented team with 2 Hall of Famers and 1 future Hall of Famer and overcame a lot that spring to win the cup. As for agreeing with what he said, the Blackhawks are a quick and speedy team with a lot of talented scorers up front. I'm not going to be too hard on Madden's comments because the Blackhawks sign his checks and as a member of that team you can't make comments like "Yes, we are good, just not as good as other teams I've been on." If Chicago wins the cup this year, ask Madden in 20 years which was the best team and we shall find out the real answer in his heart.

Coaching Rumors

Rumors are circulating that the Devils have offered Michel Therrien a 3 year contract, and rumor that Lou Lamoriello has denied this morning. "There has been no decision on anything yet. There are reasons for that." It is thought the reason might be that Lou would like to talk to Blackhawks assistant, Mike Haviland.

At this point, this seems to be the list of candidates that Lou is probably looking at.

1. Therrien - Lou wants experience and Therrien has it.
2. Johnny Mac - But one has to wonder if he was the guy, wouldn't he be the guy already?
3. Mike Haviland - It has come up during the Finals that the Devils want to talk with him.
4. Kirk Muller - It is know he wants the job in NJ but has never held a head coaching job in the NHL or AHL which is a big negative.
5. Ken Hitchcock - The longshot for the job.

More on Mottau

After I wrote on this site last week that a rumor about Mottau and the Devils was hitting the airways, that rumor was shot down by Mottau himself by saying any claim that he is close to signing a new deal with the Devils is pure fiction. Like I said, I hate reporting rumors but Devils news at this point is a little slow so rumors are all we have.