Devils Cap Answers Coming Soon

Written by Darren S. on .

We will soon know what the fallout of signing Ilya Kovalchuk is. The Devils must be under the $59.4 million payroll cap by 3 p.m. Wednesday, which is just a little over 48 hours away. There are some moves that have been highly talked about over the last few days and some other moves that we can only guess at. Only Lou knows what he is going to do.

The Obvious Moves:

Defensemen Bryce Salvador ($2.9 million cap hit) and Anssi Salmela ($612, 500 cap hit) will almost certainly be placed on long-term injured reserve. Salvador has a concussion and Salmela is recovering from knee surgery.

Unfortunately, those moves alone won't get the Devils where they need to be.

The Not-So-Obvious Moves:

Zubrus: His cap hit is $3.4 million. He doesn't have a no-trade clause and he is a player other teams would want to acquire. He was one of the brighter stars last Spring against Philly and he is a player the Devils would very much like to keep but also a player that could relieve the Devils cap woes easily.

White: His cap hit is $3 million. He has a no-trade clause. Although he'd have to agree to a trade, the Devils could put him on waivers with the idea of sending him to Albany. Lets face it, White's best days are gone, mostly due to the eye injury suffered a few years ago. That injury makes it nearly impossible to fight and he isn't the same physical player. The only thing saving White at this point in time, in my opion is the injury to Salvador. With Salvador gone, maybe the Devils need White's experience.

How do you get the Devils under the cap?

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