This is going to be a quick post. The Devils are 0-December. They were blown out by Montreal, controlled by Philly, hung with the Penguins but ultimately lost to the best team in hockey, didn't look good against the Sens and then didn't bother showing up after Detroit put in two quick goals. Five games so far in December and not 1 point.

What I am trying to say is that the Devils need to make some kind of change RIGHT NOW!! I am not sure what that change is, but it needs to happen. I just don't get it. The Devils have the guys to be successful, it just isn't happening. I'm tired of hearing the calls for something to be done, I am tired of typing it. I know Lou is trying to be patient but so far that is getting us nothing but loss after loss.

I will say this though.  I am not the type of fan that is going to turn off the tv on this team. I've seen a lot of posts this weekend saying that is exactly what they are doing. I am not. I will watch this team go down in flames, and will talk about it right here. I will wish with all my might that something changes and the Devils become a different team, but I won't turn my back on them. Maybe I should, maybe that is what would get something done but I just can't.

What about you, giving up???