It's been a little quiet around here, mostly because the league seems to be waiting on Kovalchuk to make a decision. The Devils have prospects playing this week and Volchenkov made an appearence this morning so it give us something to talk about!!

Kovalchuk Still Out There

Two weeks ago the free agents took to the open market and started signing with new teams, old teams or the same teams but two weeks in and we still don't know the fate of Ilya Kovalchuk. Two thoughts to go along with my
Kovalchuk rant from last week.

A) Good for him for not rushing into the first contract that came his way. I want to think that what drives this guy is the want and need to hoist that Cup over his head and not the money that appears in his bank account. Taking his time to find the right team can lead me to believe that, although, at times it looks like he's trying to get the most money he can out of LA. Honestly though,  if he was in it for the money then wouldn't he have jumped at Atlanta's offer last season?

B) ) I am done mentioning his name on this blog until he signs a contract. ANY CONTRACT!!

Fun little fact brought to you by Down Goes Brown: The Ilya Kovalchuk Sweepstakes has lasted longer than any post-season Kovalchuk has ever experienced!! Doesn't that make you just a little sad??

The A-Train arrives in Newark.

So apparently Anton Volchenkov showed up at the Prudential Center this morning and was quoted saying "I would have liked to stay in Ottawa. My next choice was to find a good place for me." Honestly, I don't have a problem with that at all. Some might read into that he doesn't really want to be here but he signed a pretty long contract for that to be true. He spent 8 years in Ottawa so I can understand wanting to stay, especially with having a family but in the end they didn't offer him what he wanted.  He gives NJ something we haven't had in a long time and as fans we should be really excited about that. Some people might not really know much about him so I took this off the Senators site to introduce people to him. He's certainly a guy that isn't afraid to hit.

Devils Prospect Camp

Devils are holding their prospect camp this week. What stands out to me the most after looking at the guys playing is that the Devils are certainly very deep when it comes to defenseman. Sure, the question is can they play at the NHL level yet?

Of the guys there this week, I don't think Corrente's a lock to make the team this year although some do. I wouldn't be shocked if he started in Albany and finds his way back to the Devils midyear. I am looking forward to see what Tedenby,Josefson,Urbom and Palmieri can do with the time this week. Of that group though, I'd say Urbom has the best shot while the other three have a little more than an outside shot. Tyler Eckford's a weird one for me because he is constantly touted and he has the instincts, but he's already 25.