RWTD Business Meeting

Written by Darren S. on .

As you can see we've made a few changes around here lately with the colors and design of our site. Our site used the be red with a white banner on the top but we figured that a year and half of looking at the same thing was long enough and since the Devils aren't doing anything but sleeping in, golfing and fishing right now, this was a good time to make changes.

That hopefully isn't the only thing changing around here.

Writers - We are looking for guys and girls that want to write about the Devils for next season. You don't have write everyday and even multiple times in a week. If you want to write, we will find a way to put your stuff up there.

PodCasters - I am going to try and do some type of podcast next season. Whether it be a weekly or monthly segment will be determined in the future but if you want to join in on the fun, please contact us via email or twitter.

Graphic Artists - If you love the Devils and love doing graphical things about the Devils, contact us, we could use the talent!!

and finally...

I was recently contacted by the company MLX Skates about testing out and reviewing their new skates. Currently, there are no NJ Devils that use their skates but there are some big name NHL players lacing up MLX Skates for every game. Players such as Tim Thomas, Dustin Byfuglien and Sergei Gonchar with a list that goes on and on. I've gladly said that I would try out their skates and let everyone know what I thought. Keep an eye out for the review in the coming weeks. Please, go check out everything they offer as I know many readers play hockey and are always looking for good hockey equipment. The story about how the company came together is extremely interesting.


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