Marty, Marty, Marty....

Written by Devin Mattera on .

Well, it sure seems positive, lets hope the numbers improve! According to an article found on , the backbone of the New Jersey Devils, may in fact, be pushing "rumored" retirement plans back a year. I quote "rumored" because before the season kicked off, Brodeur had made remarks and hinted towards a possible retirement after seasons end. After reading the relativly short article on Marty, I scrolled down to the comment section which is refered to as "Its YOUR Call!" I happend to come across some comments that caught my eye, some positive, some negative, so listed below are just a few for your entertainment, enjoy!


"People said he was riding Stevens' coattails until Stevens retired and he still dominated, then they said he was the product of Niedermayer's genius... then he left. What did he do next? Set an all-time single season record for wins with 48 to go along with his Vezina the very next year. He was the ONLY member that was still with the team from their first to their last Cup. How can anyone deny his legacy?" -nohero79

"Broduers age is the perfect reason that the Wild need to trade Harding for Parise. The trade benefits both parties. Brodeur has been a shell of his old self the last 3 years. The team is failing and he is gettingolder." -MNWILD_1980

"With all due respect to one of the greatest goaltenders of all time, returning for yet another season is not a good idea. He might still be having fun, but he is not playing well. Somebody has to be honest with him. Please." -jammershorts

"Too many people view this man's career backwards. Some think his numbers were mostly the product of the system his team played when in fact the system they played was a product of Brodeur's once-in-a-lifetime skills. People who think the system made his career do not understand the position and certainly have never played it. He is far and away the greatest puck handling goalie in history which allowed the Devils to play a proper trap because they had essentially a 3rd defenseman back there to handle any dump-ins" -nohero79

"It would be pretty cool to play out his final year backing up Carey Price in Montreal. Marty would come cheap on a one year, Price would benefit from it. Seems loke a win win for all parties." -knuklehead

"Hope he doesn't become the Brett Favre of the NHL!" -Dah-Nold

  Lets hear what you all have to say! Comment in the comments section attached to this link, speak your mind Devils fans, what do YOU think will be the outcome of the Martin Brodeur dilemma?

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