Changes Made at Running With The Devils

Written by Scott Robb on .

Things are changing drastically here at Running With The Devils.

Since our last blog post on February 12, which recapped the Devils' loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, our staff has shuffled around. Former writers Devin Mattera and Raj Vaidya left Running With The Devils to join the Devils Army Blog staff; additionally, former editor Darren joined the crew over at The Hockey Writers. Writer Scott Robb has taken over the operation of the blog.

Running With The Devils will be returning from its brief hiatus on Saturday, March 2, to recap the Devils' contest against theBuffalo Sabres.

Visit us on our brand new twitter page and like us on facebook. There are a lot of great things in store for this site in the near future! Stay tuned.

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Marty, Marty, Marty....

Written by Devin Mattera on .

Well, it sure seems positive, lets hope the numbers improve! According to an article found on TSN.ca , the backbone of the New Jersey Devils, may in fact, be pushing "rumored" retirement plans back a year. I quote "rumored" because before the season kicked off, Brodeur had made remarks and hinted towards a possible retirement after seasons end. After reading the relativly short article on Marty, I scrolled down to the comment section which is refered to as "Its YOUR Call!" I happend to come across some comments that caught my eye, some positive, some negative, so listed below are just a few for your entertainment, enjoy!


"People said he was riding Stevens' coattails until Stevens retired and he still dominated, then they said he was the product of Niedermayer's genius... then he left. What did he do next? Set an all-time single season record for wins with 48 to go along with his Vezina the very next year. He was the ONLY member that was still with the team from their first to their last Cup. How can anyone deny his legacy?" -nohero79

"Broduers age is the perfect reason that the Wild need to trade Harding for Parise. The trade benefits both parties. Brodeur has been a shell of his old self the last 3 years. The team is failing and he is gettingolder." -MNWILD_1980

"With all due respect to one of the greatest goaltenders of all time, returning for yet another season is not a good idea. He might still be having fun, but he is not playing well. Somebody has to be honest with him. Please." -jammershorts

"Too many people view this man's career backwards. Some think his numbers were mostly the product of the system his team played when in fact the system they played was a product of Brodeur's once-in-a-lifetime skills. People who think the system made his career do not understand the position and certainly have never played it. He is far and away the greatest puck handling goalie in history which allowed the Devils to play a proper trap because they had essentially a 3rd defenseman back there to handle any dump-ins" -nohero79

"It would be pretty cool to play out his final year backing up Carey Price in Montreal. Marty would come cheap on a one year, Price would benefit from it. Seems loke a win win for all parties." -knuklehead

"Hope he doesn't become the Brett Favre of the NHL!" -Dah-Nold

  Lets hear what you all have to say! Comment in the comments section attached to this link, speak your mind Devils fans, what do YOU think will be the outcome of the Martin Brodeur dilemma?

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Hurricane Irene

Written by D. Wesley on .

Living in Northern NJ, we know the devistation that Hurricane Irene brought to the area. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those effected.

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More Site News

Written by D. Wesley on .

Looks like this site will start having a more positive outlook on Kovalchuk with the addition of a new pro-Kovalchuk writer!!The Canucks are 2 wins away from hoisting the Stanley Cup and everyone is wondering if it will take them more than 2 games to get the remaining 2 wins. Once the cup gets lifted and parade takes place and the awards are handed out, maybe then there will be some Devils news for us to talk about. That's right, I said "us."

I've been looking for another writer to join this site for quite some time and I finally found her. She has quite a bit of Devils and hockey knowledge in her head and I am sure she'll bring a lot of good things to the table. So please help me in welcoming Debra to Running With The Devils. I asked her a few important Devils questions so that we can all get to know where she stands on the important issues!! (We all know where I stand with the answer to question #2 but I didn't hold it against her!!)

1. How long have you been a Devils fan?
  - I've been a Devils fan since 1994.
2. Who is your current favorite Devil?
  - My current favorite Devil is Kovy.

3. Who is your favorite Devil of all time.
  -  I could have easily answered this question prior to the trade deadline.  Jason Arnott has always been my all-time favorite Devil.  (well, at least since the culmination of the A line).  I was so thrilled last summer when I heard he was going to be a Devil once more but the fact that he wanted to be traded to a playoff contending team rather than stick out the remainder of the season with the Devils broke my heart and, obviously, didn't sit well with me.  Other than Jason, i really don't have one that just stands out.  There have been so many quality and talented Devils that all rank about the same with me.  It's too soon to say so now, but I'm fairly certain that by the end of this season Kovy will rightfully take that honor.

4. What is/are your favorite Devils moment(s)?
   - The Stanley Cup winning goal in double OT in 2000 (by none other than my ex-favorite devil himself) takes the cake just by virtue of the excitement with which it was won. The Cup win (and subsequent party where I touched the Cup!) in 1995, the Cup win in 2003, that short, euphoric day last summer when it was revealed that Kovy chose to be a Devil before all the NHL bs started about it, and Marty becoming the winningest goaltender of all time.

5. We've been through a lot of coaches, so who was your favorite coach?
   - Obviously, any coach that coached us to the cup would be my favorite but, no offense to Larry Robinson or Pat Burns (may he rip), after witnessing what Jacques Lemaire was able to do when he stepped in to coach the second half of this season, i'd have to say it's him. No, they didn't make the playoffs, but they accomplished so many other important things.  They salvaged the season for the fans, they actually seemed like they could make the playoffs for a while there (they had me believing), and they once again drove fear into the minds of their opponents. What all of that means is that Lemaire was able to restore a sense of pride and dignity to the Devils. He gave them back their confidence...mojo...whatever you want to call it. They were a broken team when Lemaire came in... broken as a unit and broken individually and lemaire was able to lift them up from the depths of despair, and he gave the entire Devils community (players & fans) hope.  In my opinion, Lemaire pretty much proved that the main problem with the team in the first half of the season was John Maclean.  Lemaire was able to come in, take the reins and get respect from both the vets and rooks alike. It's also no secret that Kovy considers Lemaire the best coach he's ever had. Lemaire knew all the right buttons to push to save the Devils. I believe that, had Lemaire not stepped in and done what he did, it would have taken years for the Devils to rebound from the atrosity that was the first half of the season. It's critical that the next coach be able to sustain what lemaire accomplished, but that's a discussion i'm sure we'll be having for many more days to come.
 See, she's got some good stuff. I can't wait to see what she writes in the future but for now, back to a hockey season where the Devils news and talk has been very quiet.

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RWTD Business Meeting

Written by D. Wesley on .

As you can see we've made a few changes around here lately with the colors and design of our site. Our site used the be red with a white banner on the top but we figured that a year and half of looking at the same thing was long enough and since the Devils aren't doing anything but sleeping in, golfing and fishing right now, this was a good time to make changes.

That hopefully isn't the only thing changing around here.

Writers - We are looking for guys and girls that want to write about the Devils for next season. You don't have write everyday and even multiple times in a week. If you want to write, we will find a way to put your stuff up there.

PodCasters - I am going to try and do some type of podcast next season. Whether it be a weekly or monthly segment will be determined in the future but if you want to join in on the fun, please contact us via email or twitter.

Graphic Artists - If you love the Devils and love doing graphical things about the Devils, contact us, we could use the talent!!

and finally...

I was recently contacted by the company MLX Skates about testing out and reviewing their new skates. Currently, there are no NJ Devils that use their skates but there are some big name NHL players lacing up MLX Skates for every game. Players such as Tim Thomas, Dustin Byfuglien and Sergei Gonchar with a list that goes on and on. I've gladly said that I would try out their skates and let everyone know what I thought. Keep an eye out for the review in the coming weeks. Please, go check out everything they offer as I know many readers play hockey and are always looking for good hockey equipment. The story about how the company came together is extremely interesting.


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