Talking About Training Camp

Written by Darren S. on .

I don't get the oppurtunity to sit in on Devils training camp, it's just not a privelage I have. I would be cool to be able to do so but that's just not my job. So instead I read many journalists sites that do get that oppurtunity and try to piece together the things that are happening.

It would seem that Lemaire has been pairing Shanahan with Zajac and Parise on the top line early on in training camp. This doesn't mean that this will eventually be the Devils number one line just that its something Lemaire is toying with, for one reason or another. I personally thought the Zajac/Langenbrunner/Parise line last season was very effective and put up decent numbers and is something I wouldn't change. I understand you want to switch lines around in practice in order to have guys feels comfortable playing with other guys in case on an injury, so maybe this is what Lemaire is doing. Whatever it is he's doing, I think a lot of other sites are making a bigger deal out of this then is neccessary but when talking hockey, this time of year can be a little slow. The Devils open the preseason against the Rangers tomorrow night at The Rock and I'd imagine Shanny will probably be on the top line tomorrow night. I've also read on various sites that Pandolfo and Langenbrunner probably will sit out the Pre-Season opener, which is very normal because we need to see some if some of the young guys have what it takes. Marty will most likely sit as well and it's thought Denis will have the job of stopping the Rangers shots.

Pre-Season or not, we ALWAYS want to bury the Rangers!!

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