Today may be the day the Devils and Ilya Kovalchuk learn the fate of a newly submitted 15 year, $100 million contract.

According to several media sources, the league's front office made a decision on the contract yesterday. The league will send the Devils a letter today informing them of whether the newest contract has been accepted or rejected.

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The league has until five p.m. Wednesday to make a decision on the contract. If the league surpasses this deadline, then the new deal would be automatically approved and registered.

Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos tweeted some details of the new contract last night. Kypreos reported the new offer will pay Kovalchuk $10 million dollars in the final five years of the deal. The average salary over the last three seasons would be $2.6 million, with a base salary of $4 million in the final year of the deal.

That differs sharply from the rejected contract, which only paid Kovalchuk $2.75 million in the final five years of the deal.

Update (5:18 p.m.) - There has still been no word from the league or the Devils on whether or not the contract for Kovalchuk has been approved or denied. Remember, the deadline is tomorrow at five, so there is the possibility of this decision dragging into tomorrow.

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