Free Agent Frenzy: July 5th

Written by Raj Vaidya on .

Well, the truth is, Parise isn’t coming back anymore. But hey, the sun rose up and I’m still breathing! In other words, the Devils moved on and continued their summer searching for beneficial free agents. Today though, not much went down.



I apologize for my ignorance but I really do not know this guy. Barch signed a 2 year deal with the Devils. I may have heard of him a really long time ago but this player is Greek to me. Apparently he is a tough guy so maybe he’s a better replacement for Boulton. Let’s see how he does and whether he scores. I doubt he gets past 5 for the year though.


In other news, defenseman Mark Fayne filed for arbitration. If he earns even a million though, I might flip because he certainly does not deserve that. Maybe he deserves at least a million if he could hit that open net in Game 1 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals.

A lot of people on Twitter have been saying that Alex Semin’s agent is in New Jersey. Could the Devils possibly land Semin? Is there a need for the Devils to get him? Many questions can be asked about his effectiveness long-term on this franchise. He has a history with laziness and defensive miscues but when he gets hot, he can be one lethal player. Semin has a nasty shot too so the Devils should study this option thoroughly because he just could be the replacement for Parise. However, Lou Lamoriello did say that “Parise is irreplaceable”. Do you agree with that, Devils fans?

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