Free Agent Frenzy: July 20th

Written by Raj Vaidya on .

Well it isn’t much of a frenzy anymore. The Devils made one move yesterday.


Yup, the same defenseman who missed an open net in Game 1 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals has been re-signed by NJ for 2 years, $2.6 million. Fayne was a restricted free agent who was scheduled for an arbitration hearing on August 2nd but the Devils gave him a satisfactory contract before he took this issue to court. There are mixed opinions among Devils fans but I felt a bit eh about this because there are several defensemen in the minors that have the potential to be stars. Among these defensemen happen to be Eric Gelinas. But first, let’s see if Fayne improves into a defenseman worthy of a spot on the Devils roster.

Meanwhile, wow…Alex Semin sure does like to take his time. At this rate, he might as well be headed to the KHL. I’m tired of hearing all these “sources” saying that the Devils are in contention for him. While he’d be an awesome fit for NJ, it’s irritating to hear something and then see a whole different result. Hopefully he decides to go to the Devils in the next week or so.

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Rory Fitzpatrick
Rory Fitzpatrick

1. This contract is a steal for the Devils.

2. Eric Gelinas is a solid prospect but will never be a star.

3. Do you realize Fayne played injured in the SCF and the whole team was fairly bad?

4. Fayne was one of the best defenders for the Devils last season. To think they are "stuck" with him, should "move" him, or he needs to prove he is "worthy" of a spot is a complete joke.


Devils Defense 5 on 5 Advanced Stats (Min. 60 GP)

Relative Corsi

1. Zidlicky 7.9

2. Fayne 1.6

3. Volchenkov 1.0

4. Larsson 0.5

5. Salvador -8.7


Relative Corsi Quality of Competition

1. Fayne 0.787

2. Salvador 0.393

3. Volchenkov 0.238

4. Larsson 0.034

5. Zidlicky -0.093


Fayne faced the toughest competition out of all the Devils defenders and drove the play forward at the second best rate. Why do people hate on this guy? His game and contract provide great value for the Devils and he will be a key piece as guys like Larsson/Gelinas/Merrill/Urbom break in and Salvador/Volchenkov/Tallinder/Zidlicky move on as the next few years pass.

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