Yesterday, Travis Zajac underwent surgery to repair his left Achilles tendon which he tore working out off ice. Although the surgery was a success, Zajac will require three months to recover. For a team that was already lacking at center, that is not good news.

In my opinion, the Devils already needed to acquire a first line center to play alongside Ilya Kovalchuk. As good as Kovalchuk is, he requires a playmaker who is able to skate quickly, feed him the puck and set him up to shoot his wicked one timer. Finding such a player has proven to be no easy task as it seems that top line centers are just about as difficult to come by as puck moving defensemen these days. Now, Zajac (the closest person on the Devils’ roster to be considered a top line center) won’t be able to become reacquainted on the ice with Zach Parise until November. This leaves the Devils in the unfortunate predicament of needing to find not one top line center but two…and quickly.

Stay tuned…as I hope there will be something to report regarding filling these vacancies soon!



Travis Zajac holds the team record for consecutive games played with 401. That streak, inevitably, will be coming to an end on October 8th when the Devils open their season.