Jamie's Numbers - In 81 games (YES 81!!! GRRR) he had 19 goals, 42 assista and spent 44 minutes in the penalty box. He scored 6 Powerplay goals, 2 Shorthanded goals and was resonsible for 4 Game winners. Against the Flyers, he only had 1 assist.

My Thoughts - Devils exited the playoffs much earlier than anyone had anticipated. When that happens, especially for the third straight season, one HAS to question the leadership of the team and that always starts with the Captain. Something isn't being done or said in the locker room to motivate this team into winning. I really thought I was over reacting when that thought floated around my head after the Flyers went up 3-1 in the series but the Devils where horrid in their final game of the playoffs.

His goal production was down by 10 this season which doesn't make me happy but the truth is that the Devils finished first in the division despite that. I'm certainly more bothered by the fact that he's just not as clutch as he once was when the post-season comes around. Jamie had issues with Lemaire and what those issues were, we don't really know. Lemaire has since retired and therefore those issues should hopefully be gone. Part of me would like to see a new coach come in and give the Captain's job to a player who is certainly more vocal than Jamie.

Jamie's Future - He has one more season with the Devils before he's free to test the Free Agency market. I believe he has a "No Trade Clause" in his contract which means Lou couldn't move him easily even if he wanted to. Time will tell if a new coach thinks he's fit for the position of Captain. Rumors are swirling that Ken Hitchcock is a possibility for the job meaning that Jamie would be reunitied with an ex-coach. Should that happen, let's hope it works out better for him then the Rolston/Lemaire reunion worked out.