I had to wait some time to pass to post about the game because I found that game absolutely frustrating. The Devils offense was never really in it and I can't tell you how many times I saw a defenseman give up on a puck and get beaten to it by a Flyer. Two and half minutes of 5 on 3 action and nothing to show for it. They looked like a Power Play unit that met in the parking lot 5 minutes before the game. I don't want to take anything away from Emery, he played extremely well but I just thought the Devils offense was very flat until the 3rd when Rolston and Langenbrunner obviously had enough of the suckage.

Speaking of suckage, Marty looked REALLY bad. Three goals that the Flyers scored were on him in my opinion. They were very stoppable goals and I am just not sure what was going on with him the other night. The good news is that he rarely has back to back games like that so heading into the Rangers game Monday night should I am hoping for a Marty that is more focused on stopping the puck. OK, I am done with my Game 1 rant..