The Devils are just trying to end the season on a positive note, trying to give Jaques Lemaire a reason to stay. Sure, they didn't fair so well against the Canadiens over the weekend but the game against Philly was top notch. Despite the loss to the Penguins last night, give the Devils a little credit for hanging in there. The 4-2 victory is a little misleading because that 4th goal was a shorthanded, empty net goal.

* If the Devils didn't hand the Penguins 3 power plays in the first period, could things have been different? NJ did make it VERY easy for the refs to pull the whistle out of their pockets to open the game.

* Staal's first goal was a beauty. You kind of had a feeling it was coming as he was close to putting one moments before hand.

* Samela had a nice look at a scoring oppurtunity. Give Fluery credit on the save because Samela put everything he had into that shot.

* Fluery was certainly frustrating the Devils offense early and often. He looks ready for the post-season.

* Bad puck handling led to Pelley throwing the puck out in front of the net, which just happened to find Steckel, who was all by
himself. Can't miss from that distance, he doesn't. 1-1

* The difference between playoff teams and non-playoff teams, they know how to answer and that exactly what the Penguins do, answer right back after the Steckel goal.

* Kunitz makes the Devils look rediculous. I'm sorry, that is a TERRIBLE goal to give up.

* Give NJ credit though, they didn't give up once Kunitz put Pittsbugh up by 2. NJ wasn't ever able to tie the game but they made a game of it.

That's 2 losses in a row and the Devils are New Jersey 3-6-1 in their last 10. I feel like they are limping towards the finish line. Toronto up next, meaningless game as Toronto was eliminated from the playoff race last night.