Is it safe to say that Ilya Kovalchuk is FINALLY feeling comfortable in a Devils sweater? In the last 10 games, which includes last night against the Hurricanes, Kovalchuk has 7 goals and 6 assists. THIS is what the Devils top brass pictured when signing this guy to big money. Last nights goal was just rediculous. He kept turning Joe Corvo inside out before he used Corvo and Palmieri as a screen to put the Devils on the board 1-0 in the second. If you haven't seen the goal, you have to watch it!!

Rolston scored his 9th of the season on a rebound from an Elias shot. Elias made a nifty little cross over move to add to the Devils lead early in the third period. The Devils did let the Hurricanes cut the gap to 3-1, which made the game interesting. I know the game ended 3-2 but that Canes 2nd goal came so late that it really didn't matter. I'll be honest, Cam Ward didn't look like Cam Ward tonight. The Kovalchuk goal was rediculous because Kovalchuk can put a puck into a the net with very little space to work with, its just the type of player he is but the Rolston and Elias goals I thought he should have stopped. Whatever, I'll take it.

The Devils, who are now a hot 13-1-2 in the second half of the season. Hedberg has REALLY stepped up for us this season and the Devils now trail the 8th spot by 12 points with 25 games to play. If they can keep playing this type of hockey, they could make it very interesting.

Devils play the Rangers tomorrow night in a game where both teams need points BADLY!! Should be a great game.