I'm going to be brutaly honest for a moment. It's great to get a win but this was a win against a Penguins team that was playing without Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin AND decided that this was a good game to put their backup goalie Brent Johnson in between the pipes and give Fluery the night off. Yes, we've become that team where the star goalie gets the night off.

However, it seemed like we were playing the Charlestown Chiefs last night. Three times the Penguins ran Brodeur, getting caught twice for goaltender interference and the other being a ridiculous non-call on Matt Cooke. Mike Rupp decided that he was going to push the line of obstruction, cross checking and holding. Going into this game, the Penguins led the league in PIM's and now I know why.

* The first goal of the game came from Rolston's stick. THAT's the shot that got him such a huge contract. What I wouldn't give to see that shot more often.

* Hahaha Paul Martin.... Yes, you going to Pitt paid off as you are on a much better team but that second goal of the game is on you...and only you!!

* Tallinder had an awesome move to get by Letang but you HAVE to finish those.

* Devils had a lot of oppurtunities and certainly should have come away with more than 2 goals. That's the one thing from last  night that concerns me.

9 points earned out of a possible 10 in the last 5 games. While the Devils schedule hasn't been tough, it IS a start!! The D looks more sure of themselves and the Devils are getting a few bounces come their way.

1. Marty - faced 23, got all 23 and took a few hits along the way.
2. Brian Rolston - at 1:22 into the game, Rolston nets the GWG..
3. Nick Palmieri - showed great patience as he made sure the puck was on his backhand before going 5 hole.