Stopped me if you’ve heard this one before, Ilya Kovalchuk isn’t worth the money we pay him. Hell, he might not even be worth the money we pay Adam Henrique at this point. Why is it a man who can sign a long term contract in the NHL for over $100 million can't grasp the concept of puck control? With the Devils on the power play and the Kovalchuk controlling the point, he was unable to control the puck which led to a league leading 11th shorthanded goal against.

If that weren’t bad enough, the Devils were looking for an equalizer late in the game and Kovalchuk made a HORRIBLE, AHL caliber pass that went the length of the ice and found its way into the our net. Yes, Kovalchuk scored one for the other team putting the game out of reach.

I am sick of this guy but regular readers know how much he bothers me. We wasted A LOT of money on him and it hasn’t paid off. I don’t expect championships the minute he gets into town, that’s a ridiculous thought but I do expect a competitive team with a guy that breaks games open or at least causes other teams to pay more attention to him which opens up opportunities for the other guys on the team. Kovalchuk doesn’t seem to do any of that. Occasionally there is a flash of brilliance from the guy but there are LONG stretches where he’s just eh… All I heard after the game was excuse after excuse out of the guy’s mouth. Just shut up and starting proving to me why you’re worth even HALF of your contract.

Lou, you suck for bringing this guy here. You’d better find a way to keep Parise in town and you BETTER not offer Marty ANYTHING after the end of this season. I read an article yesterday pondering the question would Marty be happy signing a contract with NJ and having NJ also sign a young goalie that he could split 50/50 with and mentor. Seriously??  If that’s what Lou has in mind, he should have been doing that over the last few seasons. I love Hedberg but why haven’t we been thinking about the future?

I’ll give the Devils credit for showing up in the third last night, it’s just a shame they didn’t show up in the second this time around.  Adam Oates, what the hell are you still doing here? People credit you with the success of the Devils PK but the PP is KILLING us. How many more games would we have won if you took away those 11 shorties?

Frustrating loss and the Devils have much to work on at this point in time.