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The Quick Saturday Afternoon Recap

After an embarrassing loss the other night, MacLean made the Devils watch the entire performance before their friday practice. Would that help the Devils find a way to win in Philly? In the first, the Devils looked OK. That's all I can say. They didn't look great but they didn't look bad. Kovalchuk in the beginning of the game looked like a man with determination in his eyes and it paid off. The Devils FINALLY cashed in on an extra man advantage as Kovalhuck rang one off of the crossbar. Thats the Kovalchuk we expect out there. Unfortunately, the Devils had their heads in the ass immediately after the goal allowed Philly to come right down and tie the game. Zajac would  then find the net and send the Devils into the first intermission with a 2-1 lead.

The Flyers came out of the locker room and tied it immediately and from that point, took control of the game. For most of the 2nd and 3rd the Devils were stuck in their end of the ice watching the Flyers pile on the shots.

Eventually the Flyers broke the Devils in the third with a nice tip from Richards and then the killer goal. Up 3-2, Tallinder let Carter drive to the net and Andy Greene made a boneheaded play and lost sight of Briere tap in a pass from the driving Jeff Carter. 4-2 and all the Devils and know bent over, looking very defeated.

The Devils did make it close late, pulling Hedberg and scoring on a PP, which was a 6 on 4. Devils were trying to swarm late and the refs did miss a high stick which would have kept Philly from getting the EN goal to make it 5-3.

My Thoughts

Kovalchuk looked good in the first, finally getting back in the scorers column. The goal is great, the attitude early looked good but the -3 for the game SUCKS. $100 million men bury breakaways, I'm just saying
Tallinder let that 4th goal happen because he let Carter drive the net.
Fayne is awful, why is here?
The defense has to do a better job clearing the crease. Two VERY soft goals early.
The refs DID screw up not calling the Langenbrunner stick in the face but those things happen. Can't saying making the call would have changed anything.

We head to Pittsburgh Monday and that is a VERY tough game.

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I Almost Went
written by Uncle Mike, December 04, 2010
I really wanted to go to this game. I didn't because of a payroll issue at work (couldn't afford the train fare from New Brunswick to Philly, let alone the game ticket). I'm glad I didn't. Once again, the Devils can be summed up in 2 letters: P.U.!

This is the worst Devils team since 1987, when Alain Chevrier was the main goalie, and the top 3 scorers were Aaron Broten, "Captain Kirk" Muller and... John MacLean. To borrow a line from a movie about another sport, "What are these boys thinkin' about? 'Cause it sho' ain't hockey!"
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written by Darren S, December 04, 2010
I couldnt agree more... something is seriously wrong with this teams approach. I try not to get too angry, I mean we've been consistent for so long so 1 year in the toilet isn't the worst but I certainly hope it changes. I wouldnt mind the losses if the effort was there but its not.
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