Here we are, Game 4 and looking at elimination. What can you say? It’s been hard to watch this team struggle against a bigger, stronger and faster team that hasn’t allowed the Devils to get their game going. Florida, Philly and New York didn’t have an answer to our constant fore-checking but the Kings have some really big guys who respond positively to a strong fore-check.

I don’t want it to seem like I am writing the Devils eulogy because I honestly believe there is still fight left in this team. We can’t go into tonight focused on the fact that we need 4 straight wins in order to win this series. Instead, we need to focus on winning each period. Win period one, then period two, then period three and you win the game. Lather, rinse, repeat. We can’t get too far ahead of ourselves. Winning 4 straight is a huge task but if you take it a game at a time, it gets easier. Tonight’s goal, just get a win and then game 5 would be get another win, create doubt in their minds, win game 6 and anything can happen in a game 7 but it all has to start tonight.

The Devils haven’t been able to score but they haven’t exactly made it difficult for Quick. They haven’t gotten traffic in front of him and continue to shoot low or to the midsection. On top of that, we’ve continue to pass up shots in order to look for that perfect set up. Wayne Gretzky once said “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  Don’t get cute NJ, just put the puck on net. I can live with Quick making 40+ saves in a night and getting the win, at least you made him work for it. Having only 2 goals so far in this series doesn’t win you much but again, it goes back to shooting the puck.

The Devils were handed 6 power plays the other night (most of them as a way to make up for a bad first goal that was allowed) and failed on each of them. Surprise, surprise, NJ didn’t shoot that much. You have to take advantage of the opportunities handed to you.

LA has gotten out to the lead in all 3 games so far. I’d give anything to see what NJ could do if they got a lead. Would the Kings change their style? Would the Devils skate with more confidence?

I was hard on Clarkson in the beginning of the year but then he won me over. Sorry David, you are back on my list, well kind of, because I’m getting tired of watching you miss opportunities.

Rumor is that Sykora is back in tonight. Good!! Never really made sense to me why a 20+ goal scorer got scratched. On top of that, why keep a 20+ goal scorer scratched in a series where goal scoring is a serious problem?

Like I said, not ready to bury this team yet. Take it shift by shift and period by period but each guy on the bench has to know their role and trust that the guy sitting next to him knows his role and will play his role.

Game 3 CBC Video

They really do a great job with these. Makes me want to dust off my editing skills!!

And finally…

I have to ask…..