Being down 0-2 in this series is kind of deflating. The Devils didn’t really show up for game 1 and did a much better job in game 2 but got the same result, a 2-1 OT loss to the Kings. However, there is a bright spot in all of this. This series could easily be tied at 1-1 if the Devils could have done a better job at getting to Jonathan Quick.

The frustrating part is that Kovalchuk, Elias, Parise, Clarkson and Sykora (who isn’t even playing) all had 20 or 30 goal seasons but aren’t scoring in this series. One goal per game isn’t going to win you anything.

So what do we do tonight?

  • We are being kept in the dark about the Devils lineup. There is a rumored “no change” to the lineups but we will see what tonight brings. I for one would be in favor of sitting Zidlicky because he’s been so horrible at times. It was said on a radio hockey show I was listening to that the Devils don’t have anyone on their roster that can do what Doughty did on his goal the other night but I throw Adam Larsson’s name out there and say he certainly could but he’s a healthy scratch so they are right, he can’t.
  • Get traffic in front of Quick. I’ve seen the guy make way too many easy saves because he has a clear look at the puck. The two goals he has given up this series, came with guys in front of the net, either screening him while looking for a deflection or crashing the net looking for that rebound.
  • Stay aggressive and stay on the fore-check. Make LA cough up the puck and make mistakes.
  • If I see one more long pass out of the LA zone I think I am going to puke. Do a better job at keeping LA from sending out these deep passes. They do it so well and make it look so easy.
  • Help Marty out!! How the hell did we allow Doughty to just take the puck up the ice, bob and weave through our entire team and score the first goal of the night? Surely someone could have put the body on him.

Bottom line, a win tonight breathes life back into our team but a 3-0 hole is pretty much game, set and match. Remember Devils, the 2011 Champion Boston Bruins were down 2-0 at this point last year. Yes, they were going home for game 3 but the Kings are 4-2 at home this season and 10-0 on the road. Let’s start tonight and make them 4-3 at home and we will work on making them .500 on Wednesday. However you want to look at it, tonight is a MUST WIN.


And Finally….

As promised, here is the opening to Game 2 from the CBC Hockey Night in Canada broadcast. I’m guessing that miss by Fayne in Game 1 is something that is going to haunt him. This video is spot on when it says “giving up is not option, gotta get it in” while showing him miss a wide open net.