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Know Your Enemy: NY Rangers Blog

What NY Rangers Blog is saying sbout the Rangers:

On the "We Will Win" quote from Brian Boyle -

Love the confidence by Boyle. Let's hope Lemaire doesn't see this quote and use it as bulletin board material. Don't need the Devils anymore motivated than they already will be to knock off the Rangers.

What We Think of the Rangers:

They're a rival and we hate them, what more can we say because that's all most people think of anyway when a Devils fan critizes the NY Rangers. All season I've been telling people that I didn't think the Rangers were as good a team as the media and fans were making them out to be but I always got the brushoff because the Devils were having a terrible season and it was just coming out because of jealousy. Truth is, Lundqvist IS that team but the dude can't do it all himself, although he's tried this season. When your goalie posts 11 shutouts in one season and on the final game of the season you're facing a must win to secure the 8th and final spot, something is seriously wrong. It's not like the Atlantic is a super hard division because this season its proven not to be one. Rangers will miss Callahan this afternoon, the guy is a tremdous player.

Today's Game: This is our playoffs basically. The Devils have a chance to send the Rangers home for the summer. So this game plan is simple... JUST WIN!! It won't put us in the playoffs or give us a shot at the cup but for a brief moment, it will make all the Devils fans smile knowing we were the final nail in their coffin.

This is probably my favorite Rangers moment all season...