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Last 10 Games: New Jersey 8-2-0; Atlanta 3-6-1

Know Your Enemy:  Thrashing The Blues

What Thrashing The Blues is saying about the Thrashers: (keep in mind they blog about the Blues too!!)

"The Blues and Thrashers aren't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet, but it's dangerously close. It's another season that's over in April; another season without playoffs. Yet another one without a Cup, and one for both teams surrounded by ownership issues. Atlanta's fighting to stay put; the Blues'd like an investor to allow them to sign someone for a decent salary. It's frustrating. And it'll probably repeat next year - or at least that's how fans of the two teams feel, because we're conditioned to feel that way."

What we think of the Thrashers:

This team had so much promise just a few months ago. It looked like they were the team reaping the benefits in the Kovalchuk trade. Afterall, that trade is what gave them the draft pick that brought Dustin Byfuglien to town and just a few months ago, he was having an incredible season. Not long ago, the Thrashers embarrassed the Devils, which led to McLean's dismisal. Thrasher fans were looking forward to the playoffs but that seems to have come crashing down to earth. The Thrashers have put themselves in a familiar position, which is below the 8th place cut off line and it seems that Thrasher fans have once again, given up on this team. Sad really, they are closer to the playoffs than we are and yet we are hopeful.

Season Series: Series is tied at 1-1

Last Meeting: December 31, 2010 - Devils won 3-1

Tonight's Game: Kovalchuk said it all the other night. After the loss to the Senators the other night, this game is Do or Die. There is no reason to feel good after this game if the Devils don't skate away with 2 points and they better do it in 60 mins. They cannot afford to hand over a point to the Thrashers. You have to believe the Thrashers look at us the same way.

Power play was absolute crap the other night. The Devils need to correct that tonight. Lately, the PP has been decent but it must have taken a wrong turn the other night on the way to the rink.

NJ better pay attention to Andrew Ladd. He has 8 goals and 2 assists in his last 10 games and is by far the hottest Thrasher tonight.

Lets hope Kovalchuk shows up tonight. He once crushed the Thrasher fans by not taking a huge money deal while in Atlanta, I am sure Kovalchuk scoring a few goals tonight would really crush the spirits of Thrashers fans!!

Let's hope there's a lot of this tonight!!