Last 10 Games: Ottawa 5-4-1 and New Jersey 9-1-0

Know Your Enemy:  The 6th Sens 

What The 6th Sens is saying about the Senators:

"Now that the Senators are toiling away with the NHL’s worst record, it’s difficult not to scoreboard watch or indulge in some serious prospect porn."

What we think of the Senators:

I guess fans can't be very happy with this team at the moment but they certainly could play the role spoiler as we approach the playoffs. The last thing the Devils need to do tonight is lose and lose ground in the race for #8 but that's exactly what the Senators could do tonight.

Season Series: Series is tied at 1-1

Last Meeting: February 1, 2011 - Devils won 2-1

Tonight's Game: Don't get caught up in what we got caught up in with yesterday's post. Yes, getting to .500 would be nice but we need to not focus on that and just focus on getting the win to keep putting pressure on the teams between us and the playoffs.

I would love to see the Devils score a bucket full of goals tonight. These 1 goal games that we've been winning lately has been doing a job on my finger nails. I look at how relaxed Ranger fans were against the Flyers on Sunday and I would love to have 1 night of that.

The Devils have to be careful with this game. A lot of teams looked past the Devils earlier in the season because the Devils were in 15th place and in some of those games (a Caps game comes to mind), the Devils took that team by surprise and either destroyed them or gave them a real tough time. The Devils can't afford to treat the Senators that way just because they are in 15th place. There are some good young players in Ottawa who are basically auditioning for 2011/2012 roster spots and a few significant veterns.