Know Your Enemy: The Pens Blog

What They Are Saying About The Penguins:

"God, this team is gonna be lethal when the injury sheet is blank."
What We Think of Pittsburgh: I don't want to take anything away from our team but Pitt or Philly are the heavy favorites to win this division (even if we don't like to admit it) so anytime we play either of them, we have to know what we are up against. However, the Pens are missing some key players which makes them beatable, very beatable.

Tonight's Game: Build off the good things from last night and learn to shoot the puck. I thought the Devils did well last night but they didn't take enough shots and allowed too many shots to be taken but in the end they had a chance to win the game.

Stay out of the box because when you give the Pittsburgh PP chances, they will make it hurt. Last night the Devils looked better on their own PP and hopefully we continue that trend.

Pittsburgh isn't unbeatable. I mean Paul Martin wears the A for them so that must mean that depth is kind of a problem in Pittsburgh. Being that we are playing Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh tonight, that means (even without Crosby) we'll be getting heavy doses of.....

Enjoy the game and Let's Go Devils!!!